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tamarind benefits for health

tamarind benefits for health
tamarind benefits for healthOther names of tamarind is
� Tamarindus indica
� Charms ASEM (Sunda)
� Celagi

Tamarindus indica and known as the English name is also the Tamarind. Tamarind grows wild in western India and in Africa south of the Sahara desert.
Tamarind trees planted in the country has long been India and is now available in many tropical regions in Asia, Africa and Amerika.Daun acid is an evergreen tree and a lot of its leaves are smooth, light green and a dark green when mature.
Tamarind fruit nuts fall in the curve, the content into pieces and brown wood. Fill the young fruit is green and turns brown when the fruit is ripe
Tamarind trees grow best in a real dry season but simple. In Malaysia, tamarind trees planted or sown, but seldom used as an economic resource. There are several types of acid, but is usually divided into two, namely a kind of sweet and sour. Sweet tamarind fruit trees sold in Thailand are eaten as a dessert. Not long ago the Ministry of Agriculture to promote the use of a drink of tamarind juice.

USE AND nutritious
In European countries, tamarind is mixed with sugar has long been used as jam and syrup. He also used part of the herb sauce, BBQ sauce and other meat dishes.
In Curacao, a traditional soup made with tamarind mixture, sugar and cinnamon. In India, tamarind seeds are roasted and then soaked to the skin easily removed. Skinless seeds are fried or boiled for consumption. Sometimes these pieces are made of flour or starch is separated to be used as food.
Some people chew the bark of India along with the betel acid or eaten for health care for men and women, especially pregnant women.
Flowers, leaves, fruits and seeds are not ripe yet to sprout is eaten by many people as a side dish or a side dish such as curry. The fruit is not cooked well done or eaten raw like orange mango young.
Tamarind tamarind trees and roots are also used in traditional Eastern medicine to cool the body and as a laxative for constipation.
Wood core is used as a laxative bowel movements and urination, liver disease, drugs and remedies for poor appetite.
The skin of fruit and tamarind bark has other uses, namely as a diarrhea medication. This is because the skin of the fruit and the bark contains much tannin and the acid content consists of a lot of tartar. The bark is made lotion to treat skin diseases such as boils, ulcers, swelling and itching due to insect bites.

# Water boiled leaves are taken as a fever remedy.
# Of young leaves of finely crushed and pasted to treat rheumatism, wounds and ulcers.
# Juice of young leaves can cure red eye in a way a little heated and then dripped on the filter.
# The bark is boiled and the broth was drunk to relieve fatigue.

In the Central American region, the main use of tamarind in traditional medicine are as laxative bowel movement.
In Yukatan tamarind are also used as a laxative to urinate and a fever remedy by way of tamarind mixed with water and mixed with sugar before drinking.
In Curacao, tamarind is not cooked by boiling water and drunk to treat rebusannya the flu.

# The water decoction of leaves is drunk to treat diabetes as itchy throat and cough.
For those who experienced a severe cold, green fruit pounded and mixed with leaves and some other plants before the water boiled and drunk rebusannya.

# Water boiled tamarind leaves mixed with lime leaves and leaves Dutch durian to make a refreshing drink for the body. Aruba People drink the broth of tamarind leaves as a remedy for colds and cooked fruits made to treat a cough syrup.
In Jamaica, tamarind leaf broth drunk as a cure measles, and made the water bath cure fever and muscle pain.
Bahamas People leaf tamarind boiling for 20 minutes and then mix it with lemon juice and sugar water before drinking it as a fever remedy.
Tamarind broth used in lotions to treat eye inflammation.
In Cuba, as well as the use of tamarind and green as they are elsewhere, the broth is used to treat jaundice and bleeding.
Tamarind seeds are roasted and made into flour used as a diarrhea medication.
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# Relieve Hot Demand Strong;
adequately take tamarind (which is sold dikedai) and mixed with grated coconut and then spread throughout the body of a high fever inshallah it will subside and improved .
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