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Beef Fried Rice

I am really starting to love the versatility of cauliflower. Before eating more Primal/Paleo I did not know there were so many wonderful uses for cauliflower. I used to eat it raw or steamed. Now I enjoy rice and mashed. This is becoming a household staple! I do buy 2 heads a week... :) 

Actually - all vegetables - a wide variety are staples in our household.

Creating delicious new recipes and meals for my family is rewarding enough. We are really enjoying the new flavors and simplicity of meals! Yes, some of them take a little longer!

I have made several different version of the family favorite but this one could be the best and favorite of the family!

We could not tell the difference!!!!
Beef Fried (Cauliflower) Rice

The Ingredients:
1/2 - 1 lb ground beef
1 cup onion, diced
1 cup carrots, diced
1 cup steamed broccoli, diced
2 garlic cloves, minced
3 eggs, scrambled (we used 2 large chicken eggs and one turkey egg) 
1 head of cauliflower
coconut aminos
garlic powder
Worcestershire sauce (just splash)

The Directions:
Pulse raw cauliflower in food processor until rice like. Set aside. 

Saute all vegetables in coconut oil. Cook for 5 minutes. Add ground beef. Cook until all the beef is has no pink. Add cauliflower rice and cook for 5 minutes. Add seasonings and cook until cauliflower is tender but not mush. Finally mix in the scrambled egg. 

drinking water is healthy

drinking water is healthydrinking water is healthy
White Water cooking / minerals essential to health. it is time we begin to change the habit of drinking water, we can gain tremendous benefits, or sometimes we can not depend on medications to relieve migraines, or any painkillers.
whether the importance of water / mineral water, let us review the role of water in the human body. In every part of the human body contains 55-78 percent water, depending on the size of his body. in short, two thirds of the human body consists of water, and is a major component of the body itself. Did you know that network and also your major organs consist of water? Here are the percentage of water in the human body:
  • Muscles consist of 75% water
  • The brain consists of 90% water
  • Bone consists of 22% water
  • Blood consists of 83% water
The function of water for the human body is very important. Water serves as:

  • Transport of nutrients and oxygen to the cells.
  • Moisten the air in the lungs.
  • Helps metabolism.
  • Protecting the vital organs.
  • Helping the organ to absorb nutrients better.
  • Regulate body temperature.
  • As detoxification.
  • Protect and hydrate joints.
Every cell in your body needs water from head to toe. That is why it is very important for you to drink plenty of fluids. Take the example of the brain. Your brain consists of 90% water. If you do not provide adequate water supply for your body, your brain was not functioning properly and you may develop headaches or migraines. Therefore, if the next time you feel tired listless and headaches, it could be a sign of dehydration.
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to Make Fast Food Healthier Foods

to Make Fast Food Healthier Foods

obesity and fast food contributor to obesity. but glad to ditawarkannya.apa delicacy which we hope is a healthy way of eating fast food? There are several ways that can be done to make fast food healthier, and easy to do. Here's how to make fast food be healthy:

1. Green (additional vegetables)

Most fast food restaurants offer more than just burgers and fries. Most also offer a salad which in itself can be a healthy choice for you. Certain toppings such as cheese, sauce, and crouton, would add an unnecessary extra calories, so avoid these toppings.

2. Grilled

Check the fast food menu and you will find there are at least two choices of chicken sandwiches, fried or grilled. Fried sandwich loaded with fat and calories, some of the bread flour, the rest of the frying process. But the grilled chicken sandwich, no mayo, cheese and bacon, can be a very good choice, and contain plenty of protein.

3. avoid meat Nugget

Some people think that the chicken nuggets would be a healthier choice than a burger, but that's not true. Because the chicken nuggets breaded fried in very high temperatures, so the difference between calories and fat negligible. so nugget is fat source of obesity.

4. Dump Dairy

If you're addicted to burgers, there is a way for you to throw a few extra calories and fat by asking waiters to make a burger without mayonnaise, cheese or butter. Dairy products alone could add more than a hundred calories! wow how fast fat fast.

5. White Water Order

Instead of adding extra calories that do not need to order a sweet tea or soda, or juice, try to order water. You should drink 8 glasses of water a day, and this is the right time to drink a glass of them!

6. replace French Fries With fruit Apples

I know at least four fast-food chain that offers an alternative to fried potatoes - sliced apples! One of them in the form of caramel sauce, which defeated the whole purpose in making a healthy fast food. So avoid it and enjoy some sweet apples are juicy and crispy in your food!
to Make Fast Food Healthier Foods7. Do not eat that Overstated

All things, good fast food though, will not cause problems if not excessive. As long as you do not eat a double cheese burger with fries every day, and only indulge occasionally tongue, you will not ruin your diet or accumulate extra fat is not healthy. excess is not good.
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Weight loss diet tips

Weight loss diet tipsWeight loss diet tips todays
Anyone who wants to lose weight always expect results within a short time. If we move the pressure of weight loss programs from how we look into what we feel, then most of us will find much easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle by incorporating physical activity in everyday life that we enjoy compared to perform step by step like a baby.

Here are 4 tips to lose weight fast:
Our first tips to lose weight is by drinking milk. Clinical studies have consistently found that eating low-fat milk every day to produce 2% of the additional weight of the control subjects who did not consume milk. These findings strongly suggest that calcium is a key ingredient of success in weight loss, which also found that the most significant result if calcium is taken in the form of dairy products, not in supplement form.

You should also drink plenty of water. As we often hear, you should drink eight glasses of water a day. Can you drink so much? Maybe it is not unusual for you to remember the positive effect of water on your body. Water serves as a detox and make you feel full so that you also eat less.
The next modification you need to make is to your daily diet. You have to switch from carbohydrate to protein diet. Loss of carbohydrate from your diet means less bread, pasta, fruit and focus on egg whites, skinless chicken, fish and turkey breast. Type of food you consume will have a major impact on the body and also your overall weight.
The last of quick tips to lose weight is to get used to eating all day. As an alternative to big meals several times a day, your digestive care with food mengasup berporsi smaller. Eat smaller meals but more often will help your body's metabolism to make the combustion process with the maximum. You should eat small meals every 3 hours during the day to maintain a healthy metabolic rate for your diet.
Although these four quick tips to lose weight it does not give instant results, but can have a significant impact over time. Patience and perseverance are the keys to losing weight. By using this method in the scheme of your diet, you'll not only lose weight but also improve your health.
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Colon Cancer Behind Sausage must be attention

Colon Cancer Behind Sausage
Colon Cancer Behind Sausage must be attention

Who does not know delicious sausages, processed meat food is already very familiar in the tongue of the people of the world, including Indonesia. However, who would have thought behind the pleasures of this nutrient-rich foods, contained in fat and high cholesterol that can damage the health.
Even experts in the UK has recently re-warned that the consumption of sausage a day can increase the risk of colon cancer. That is why, you'd better be careful eating sausage or processed meat products.
As reported in The Star newspaper, Martin Wiseman from the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF), warned consumers of the threat of cancer if consumed too often food is delicious nan. He also warned consumers to be wary of bacon and stated that with only consume 50 grams of processed meat foods every day can increase the risk of cancer by 20%.
Almost a few year ago, Wiseman also voiced similar warnings about the dangers of consuming too much processed meat including ham, pastrami, salami and hot dogs.
Foods processed meats are made from meat or fish that has been chopped and then blended, flavored and preservatives. There is then smoked, is included in selonsong elliptical symmetry, both made from animal intestines or artificial wrapping (casing).
Wiseman added that the report was released it was probably not new, but the ironic fact is almost two-thirds of the public, especially in the UK are not conscious or aware of this issue.
"We are now more convinced than ever that eating meat olahahan can increase the risk of colon cancer," he said.
Red meat, including beef, pork, lamb, has so far been linked with colon cancer. Even so experts recommend that red meat be consumed in moderation (less than 500 grams per day) for essential nutrients.
"A lot of scientific research which found that colon cancer is more often found in people who frequently consume red meat and processed meat products," said Sara Hiom, director of health information at Cancer Research UK.
Meanwhile, David Spiegelhalter, a Professor of Public Understanding of Risk from Cambridge University, believes one among 18 men have the possibility of having colon cancer, while women 1 in 20. Count, according to David Spiegelhalter is a risk of a lifetime.

Nutritional Value
Sausage is a processed meat products that have a high nutritional value. Nutrient composition of different sausages, depending on the type of meat used and the processing process. Sausage processed products rich in energy, and can be used as a source of carbohydrate. In addition, sausages also contain cholesterol and sodium is quite high, so the potential to cause heart disease, stroke and hypertension, if consumed in excess.
The provision of quality sausages under the Indonesian National Standard (SNI 01-3820-1995) is: 67% maximum moisture, maximum ash 3%, protein at least 13%, maximum 25% fat, and carbohydrates up to 8%. In fact, many sausages on the market that have a nutritional composition is far below the standards set. This shows the amount of meat consumption is less or use of inappropriate material composition sausage standard.

Read the Label By Researching
Along with the development of food industry, has now developed a new innovation, that is ready to eat sausage without the need to be cooked or heated first. That way, the sausage can be eaten as a snack. Currently, he also started a lot of sausage sold sterile, the sausages are made through the sterilization process so that durable to be stored at room temperature for some time. Sausage was staying was opened from its packaging and can be eaten directly.
One thing to note is the sausage fat content is high enough. Consumption of sausages as snacks should consider factors such as obesity and cholesterol health. Sausages with low fat content can be an option. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself read the label carefully before deciding to buy and eat sausage.
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Wrong way for Lose Weight (must avoid that)

Wrong way for Lose Weight (must avoid that)
Wrong way for Lose Weight ( avoid that !)
Lose weight and keep it stable is an endless struggle. That is why, many women are always trying to keep the diet in a long time in order to maintain ideal body weight.
The best way to get healthy and ideal weight is to keep eating healthy foods and exercise regularly. Unfortunately, many women who want to get a slim body instantly. In fact, not all diets are safe living. There are some dietary patterns that are considered cespleng, just save the risk for those who live it.
Therefore, in order to get a healthy slim body, avoid bad way to lose weight following, as quoted from Modernmom.

Smoking is regarded as an activity that can increase metabolism, thus burning calories the body easily. Smoking can make a hungry bear. But, if your intention to smoke to lose weight, this is a very bad idea.
Cigarettes are addictive substances that make you suck it hard to stop, even after you have lost weight. The health risks caused by cigarettes far outweigh the benefits of weight loss.
According, increasing your metabolic rate from smoking actually increases the risk of heart disease.

Diet and ignore hunger
Skipping eating schedule will result in lack of calories your body that should be required. You not only lose the calories that are very important for the body, but also nutrients and vitamins. This could have a negative impact on health. When the body does not get enough calories, your metabolism will slow to make up the body's energy shortage. Similarly, as reported

Diet fruit juice
Do not consume anything but just drink fruit juice to your diet may sound effective, but there are risks to health. Such a diet is contrary to the principles of balanced nutrition. If you continue to run in a relatively long time, the diet in this way would be dangerous to health.
Weight loss can indeed be down, but due to lack of nutrients from other food ingredients, chances are you become more susceptible to disease.
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familiar with Dragon fruit

familiar with Dragon fruit
familiar with Dragon fruit and benefit
the dragon fruit was not long ago recognized, cultivated, and cultivated in Indonesia. Plants with red fruit and green scaly This is a newcomer to the world of agriculture in Indonesia and is one of the promising business opportunities and development are very good dragon fruit plants cultivated tropical areas such as Indonesia.
History of Dragon Fruit Spread.
This cactus plant from Mexico State, Central America, and North America and is now spread all over the world. In the area of origin is named after the dragon fruit or pitaya pitahaya Roja. Residents there often take advantage of this fruit to be served as fresh fruit consumption over the kitchen dishes.
But in its development, more commonly known as dragon fruit plants from Asia because it was developed on a large scale in several countries, especially Asian countries Vietnam and Thailand. At first the plant is intended as an ornamental plant, because the triangle shape and spiny stem short and has a beautiful flower is similar to funnel-shaped flowers Wijayakusuma and start blooming disenja and will bloom at night. That's why this plant is also called the night-blooming cereus.
Name or dragon fruit dragon fruit probably caused this fruit has a bright red color and has a green skin with a fin similar to the figure of a dragon in the imagination of the country of China. Formerly an ancient Chinese society often presents these fruits by putting them between two male dragon statue above the altar table and is believed to bring blessings.
As his native Mexico and the American region, although this plant was originally intended for ornamental tanamanan Vietnam in its development community began to develop as a fruit crop, because it's not only edible, taste the fruit is also delicious and contain useful and efficacious. So the plant is cultivated as a plantation house-garden plants taken the fruit.
Dragon fruit into or becoming known in Indonesia around 2000, and not from farming alone but on imports from Thailand. Though it is relatively easy crop cultivation and tropical climate in Indonesia is very supportive of development.
This plant was developed around 2001, some areas in East Java, including Mojokerto, Pasuruan, Jember and surrounding areas. But until this very day the dragon fruit planting area is practically a little and only in certain areas because it is still relatively rare and not yet widely known to the public.

Dragon Fruit Classification

Division: Spermatophyta (seed plants)
Subdivisions: Agiospermae (seeds enclosed)
Class: Dicotyledonae (two pieces)
Order: Cactales
Family: Cactaceae
Subfamily: Hylocereanea
Genus: Hylocereus
Species: - Hylocereus undatus (white meat)
- Hylocereus polyrhizus (red meat)
- Hylocereus costaricensis (super red meat)
- Selenicereus megalanthus (yellow skin, no scales)

Including dragon fruit cactus plants or groups of family and subfamily Hylocereanea Cactaceae. Including the genus Hylocereus consisting of from several species, and include the usual dragon fruit cultivation and commercial value.

Dragon Fruit Morphology.

Dragon fruit plants is a type of climbing plants. In the original habitat of this plant to climb other plants are epiphytes to sustain and still be alive despite their roots in the ground revoked because they still can get food from the air through the roots that grow dibatangnya. Morphologically these plants including plants not complete because it has no leaves.
Here is further explanation of the dragon fruit plant morphology, root, stem and branches, flowers, fruits and seeds:

Dragon fruit roots are epiphytes, vines and sticks to other plants. In cultivation, the pillar was made to stem merambatkan this dragon fruit plants. Dragon fruit roots resistant to drought but not stand in a puddle of water too long. Although the roots torn from the land can still live by absorbing food and water from the aerial roots that grow on the trunk.
Dragon fruit rooting bias is said to shallow, just before production only reached a depth of 50-60 cm, following the extension of the brown stem in the soil. This is what can be used as a benchmark in fertilization.
In order for normal root growth bias and requires a good degree of soil acidity on the ideal condition is pH 7. If the soil pH below 5, plant growth will be slow and become stunted. In the cultivation of soil pH must be known before and after the crop is planted, because the roots are an important factor to absorb nutrients that are in the soil.

Trunk and Branches
Stems green dragon fruit bluish or purplish. The elbow-shaped rod or a triangle and contain water in the form of lenders and encrusted candles when an adult. From this stems grow branches that form and color similar to the stem and functioning as a leaf to the process of assimilation and contain cambium that function for plant growth. In the trunk and branches of this plant grow thorns that hard and short. Location of thorns on the edge of the right-angled stems and branches and fruit made up 4-5 thorns grows at each point.

Flowers funnel-shaped dragon fruit measuring about 30 cm in length and will begin to bloom in the evening and will bloom at night. After the bloom color inner crown of pure white flowers and yellow benangsari contained therein and will issue a fragrant smell.

Fruit elliptical, and is usually located close to the end of the branch or trunk. At the branch or trunk growing bias more than one and sometimes close together. Thick rind of about 1-2 cm and the fruit skin surface have fins or tassels measuring about 2 cm.

Round-shaped seeds are small and thin but very hard. Seeds can be used in a generative plant propagation, but this is rarely done because it takes a long time to produce. Usually seeds are used by researchers to create new varieties. Each fruit contains over 1000 seeds.
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many great Benefits of Apples fruit

many great Benefits of Apples fruit
many great Benefits of Apples fruit
Eating healthy foods like fruit are highly recommended. The fruits that you can embed in your daily healthy menu is apple.
Shiny-skinned fruit and it turned out to save a lot of amazing health benefits for your body. As quoted from pages Shine, know the health benefits of apples:

1. They Slow Food

Packed with five grams of fiber is able to meet 20 percent of the value of your daily nutritional intake. Crunchy texture of the fruit which can force you to try to chew. This activity is useful as a substitute for facial gymnastics.
In addition, a natural sweetener in apple can enter the bloodstream gradually, helping maintain blood sugar and insulin levels stable so you feel full longer.

2. Protecting the Lungs and Prevent Asthma

Based on research developed from the United Kingdom stated, women who eat apples regularly during pregnancy may provide health benefits to infants who will birth.
In addition, the consumption of apples can prevent children developing asthma when he reached five years. It also can protect the lungs of adults, lowering the risk of asthma, lung cancer and other diseases.

3. Cholesterol scraper

Thanks to two key components, pectin (a type of fiber) and polyphenols (powerful antioxidants), apples can take to reduce blood cholesterol levels and preventing oxidation of LDL ("bad") cholesterol, a chemical process that converts into artery clogging plaque.
The trick to maximize its benefits, do not discard the skin, apple skin has two to six times the antioxidant compounds such as meat.

4. Against Cancer

Lab studies have shown that some compounds in the fruit juicy and crisp flesh is capable of killing cancer cell growth. However, efficacy will work best if the fruit is consumed as a whole.

People who chew more than one day more, low-risk cancer, from cancer of the mouth, esophagus, colon, breast, ovary, prostate, and others. The Italian empirically predicted, those who eat apples regularly can prevent this deadly disease 42 percent.

5. Preventing senile Days Later

Maybe because they increase production of acetylcholine, a chemical that transmits messages between nerve cells, so that the content of apples is able to maintain the sharpness of brain as you age, increase memory, and potentially reduce the chances of getting Alzheimer's disease.
Recent research has been proved by researchers from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell.
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Friday, October 15, 2010

Food Combining Diet

I originally got started on the raw food diet by reading books such as Fit for Life and The Body Ecology Dietthat talk about food combining as well as natural hygiene and natural body cycles and rhythms. Food combining is a great tool to understand and keep in your back pocket just in case you ever fall off the raw food diet. Personally I have found that as I keep going on raw food, my body is healing itself and creating stronger digestion as time goes on. The reason food combining is so great for the average person, is because it stops shocking the body with a thousand different foods at once all in one meal. The body finally gets a chance to take a breath and focus on maintaining itself.

Even though it was years ago that I read Fit For Life I still use some of the principles today. I believe that if people would only do what that book talks about, everybody would be much healthier and have less of a need for pharmaceutical medications.

There have been mountains of books and website articles, blog posts ad infinitum about how to properly food combine. Personally I don't remember or memorize all that info. All you need is a handful of basic principles about food combining. Mix in a little intention and intuitive thinking and you'll be able to fill in the gaps of what you don't remember. I'm going to make this short and sweet so that it's easier to remember.

Reasons to combine your food properly :
1. More energy
2. Weight Loss
3. Ability to absorb more nutrients
4. Better digestion
5. Less bloating and gas

General food combination principles :
1. Do not mix starches with proteins (turkey sandwiches, or salmon with potatoes. Have one at a time and the other one later)
2. Have a salad with every cooked meal
3. Don't eat starches and sugars in the same meal (bread, crackers with fruit)
4. Eat most fruits alone on an empty stomach. I like to eat fruit in the morning until about 12 noon
5. Skip desert after your meal
6. Drink water before or after your meal
7. Chew your food thoroughly and don't eat too fast
8. Eat only one kind of starch or protein during each meal

I know that there is a lot I left out, and that is by design. I wanted to make this simple and easy so that people could remember these ideas. People have written volumes of books about this subject. But what I'm trying to pass on is a couple of key ideas that you're actually able to remember. I could go more into the reasons for each principle but we're after the meat here. These principles have really helped me in the past as well as today.

Everybody's digestion is different depending on your ayurvedic body type of Vata, Pitta and Kapha. I have a pretty strong digestion and it's been getting better as time goes on so I am able to play around with different food combinations at different times of the day. If you have gas, get bloated or extremely tired right after a meal, there is a chance you at a combination of food that didn't agree with you. You may also want to look into increasing your HCL, (celery juice), good bacteria (probiotoc supplements), enzyme levels and eating hot spices to help with digestion. When I used to eat wild salmon, I would put cayenne pepper and lemon juice on top. I would eat it before 2pm and with a salad and enzymes and never had a problem.

If you're looking for good books about this subject checkout the ones mentioned above as well as these. They are really great reads.