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better sleep with eat Snack

better sleep with eat Snack
better sleep with eat Snack benefits
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Who would not like midnight snack? Almost all people with activities like this one. Did you know that eating midnight snack turned out to be makes you sleep better.
REALITY - Eating foods that contain simple carbohydrates, your body will produce an amino acid which is the actual precursor for serotonin, a chemical compound that can trigger drowsiness.
The following types of snacks that you can choose to eat, so you become more soundly asleep.

eat Snack BENEFIT
1. Tart blueberries
Add fresh blueberries on top of your piece of cake.

2. Raspberry jam bread
Combine 1 egg, � cup milk and � teaspoon vanilla. Brush the bread with jam Raspberry, dip in egg mixture and cook over a hot skillet for about 5 minutes. Add the garnish strawberries or bananas on top.

3. Cereal clusters
Melt 1 cup chocolate in a saucepan over medium heat. Add honey, then stir well. Combine cornflakes 1 cup and � cup dried fruit (banana or apple slices, or mix whatever you like). Shapes using a spoon and chill for 6 minutes. You can also menuangi chocolate on top.

4. Nutty Cookie
Pastries this one can be mixed with chocolate or peanut pieces. The trick, dip half the cookie into the chocolate has melted, and dip the other half in a piece of bean.

5. Sunday berry waffles
Bake waffles, add ice cream and fresh berries on top, like blueberries, blackberries, strawberries or a mixture of all three. Flats and pour the caramel sauce.

6. Very cherry brownies
Mix brownies according to directions. Add 1 cup chopped cherries. Bake as usual. Sprinkle with powdered sugar.

7. Icy frozen strawberries
Combine 1 pound (16 oz) frozen strawberries. Then add � cup sugar. Pour into a bowl and freeze for about 4 hours, stirring 2 or 3 times.

sodas Bad Effects for healthy

sodas Bad Effects for healthy
When we feel thirsty, many of us quench your thirst with a bottle of cold soda. Especially during Ramadan, a cold soda when breaking the fast was very refreshing, dry throat. Advertising persuasion too often make us drool with that carbonated beverages.
sodas Bad Effects for healthy

sodas Bad Effects

sodas Bad Effects for healthy 1

sodas Bad Effects for healthy

But did you know that soda is one of the worst beverages other than alcohol? You can get addictive caffeine in soda. Not to mention a very high sugar content. Discover the 10 soft drinks harmful effects to the body as quoted from the Method of Healing.

1. Raise the weight
Drinking one can of soda each day of the month would raise as much as half a kilogram of body weight.

2. There is no nutritional value in soda

When thirst or after fasting, the body needs nutritious liquids. While soda has no nutritional value in it. These drinks will only be a 'waste' in the body.

3. Increase the risk of diabetes
The high sugar content in soda can increase your risk of diabetes.

4. Soda can cause osteoporosis
When you drink soda with low calcium content, you can get bone loss or osteoporosis.

5. Soda can damage tooth
Soda compound layer can erode and damage tooth enamel. So that the tooth be hollow and easily broken.

6. Soda effect against kidney damage
People who love to drink soda exposed to greater risk of kidney stones and kidney damage.

7. Triggering ulcer disease
Soda makes peminumnya most likely exposed to and exacerbate ulcer disease.

8. Sodas cause dehydration
Caffeine and sugar content in soda can cause body dehydration.

9. Soda disrupt the digestive system
Know acid in the soda does not react well in the digestive system.

10. Diet soda harmful
Diet sodas contain artificial sweetener aspartame which diakitkan with several disorders such as phenylketonuria.

Soda Substitute Healthy Alternative?
What can help you to break away from dependence on soda? If you view the nutritional value, the juice is the best beverage choice. While water is the best beverage to stay hydrated body. One to two glasses of fruit juice every day, plus six cups of water and calcium-fortified beverages that are best for the health of alloy.
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Energy Drink is Dangers when We Go Fast

Energy Drink is Dangers when We Go Fast
Energy Drink is Dangers when We Go Fast
Fast during the day it causes the body to feel weak. Many people are then tempted tonic drinks or energy when breaking.
However, nutritionists recommend that no energy drinks - after breaking the fast. Because, after fasting the body needs fluids to cleanse and replenish your body and adjust the blood sugar level.
As quoted from the Arab News, Dr. Khalid Madani, general supervisor of the Department of Nutrition at the Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia, said high-sugar energy drinks and caffeine cause health problems like kidney disorders, liver damage, and diabetes.
Tonic beverage consumption also causes the body experiencing symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, anxiety, and severe headache. White Water is the beverage most advisable when breaking the fast.
A study from Nova Southeastern University in Florida who appeared in Doctors and Sportsmedicine Journal concluded, energy drinks cause adverse effects, especially if consumed in large quantities and continuously.
Energy drink contains 505 mg of caffeine in 355 ml or equivalent to 14 cans of soda. This figure is far higher than the threshold level of caffeine allowed the U.S. Food and Drug Agency (FDA) of 71 mg in 355 ml. In addition, sugar and taurine content of energy drinks are very high.
Stephanie Ballard, a U.S. researcher says there is evidence of these beverages contribute to weight loss and some other diseases. "Many people think that one can not overdose on caffeine. But the consumption of too much caffeine can cause tension, drowsiness and nervousness, osteoporosis, heart disease, vascular problems, intestinal complications and even death," he said.
During Ramadan, the best-selling energy drinks in the Middle East. Request an addition to energy drinks has increased demand.
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Orange - against and cure the Diabetes

Orange against and cure the Diabetes
Orange cure the Diabetes
Orange against and cure the Diabetes

The Beliefs of ancient Egyptians placed orange as one of the foods that can protect the body from various kinds of poisons and diseases. That is what later became the basis of today's scientists found that treating diabetic oranges role.
As quoted from the page of the Daily Mail, scientists study the content of naringenin, a kind of antioxidant that gives a bitter taste in citrus. This element was developed to manage type 2 diabetes.
Diabetes occurs when the body is unable to produce enough insulin to regulate blood sugar levels. And, studies show that naringenin help improve the body's sensitivity to insulin and helps patients maintain a healthy weight. This is an important part of diabetes care.
Orange against Diabetes
The scientists found that naringenin can encourage the burning of body fat in the liver tertimbuh. This effect is similar to the working substance fenofibrate and rosiglitazone, two lipid-lowering drug that is used to help control type 2 diabetes.
Yaakov Nahmias, one scientist from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, praised the extraordinary naringenin as a drug for diabetics. In the scientific journal PLoS One, he writes, "Chemicals such as naringenin had long sought by the pharmaceutical industry."
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mad work is dangerous for our healthy

Danger to Be an Mad Worker - working maniac
mad work is dangerous for our healthy

All this time you may work with enthusiasm to achieve a certain success. Both the rising salaries, bonuses, or career paths to reach higher. However, if your system does not work regularly, every day of overtime and did not make time to rest, when you achieve career success, it can worsen health.
"Many people push themselves to living with an unhealthy pursuit of success. However, high work pressure and long working hours, can lead one into serious health problems can even shorten life," said George Griffing, MD, professor of internal medicine Saint Louis University, Philippines, quoted by the Times Of India.
Many of the health dangers that lurk if you're a workaholic. Not only physical health problems but also psychological. Here are six issues that arise when a person becomes a workaholic.

1. Forgot the relax
Stress due to work in a particular grade was good enough to 'force' you to keep working and motivated. However, if left and you forget how to pamper yourself, life will only be covered with stress. Your emotions became unstable.

2. Can not enjoy the food
Food as good as any you will not be able to enjoy if taken in front of the computer, holding a conference call or completing a deadline. People who tend to be workaholics 'wasting time' when enjoying lunch in the dining room without talking or completing a job.

3. Minimal sleep
Someone who calls himself a professional, he is able to distinguish when personal time and at any time to work, including sleep time. Each worker takes time to sleep between eight to nine hours. Lack of sleep makes a person emotionally unstable, lack of concentration, trouble with memory and tends to make inappropriate decisions. Though it was badly needed by a professional.

4. Working when in sick condition
Many workers still come to work despite being ill. Yet if the views of productivity, a sick person away from productive work. So, it's better to rest first at home to recover than a messy job because of illness.

5. Excessive to much drinking coffee
People who drink coffee are often workaholics in large quantities. If done continuously risk of heart attack, digestive disorders, addiction and premature aging and even higher.

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get Slender (slim body) with only Two Glasses of Water Before Eating

get Slender (slim body) with only Two Glasses of Water Before Eatinghealthy and food news - Tip From proffesional
- this is
benefits of white water:
get Slender (slim body) with only Two Glasses of Water Before Eating

Forget diet pills or expensive food. The safest way and cheap and simple way to lose weight is to drink two glasses of water before eating.
People who drink two glasses of water before eating, body weight decreased more than those who count the number of calories. Although some drugs can cut the body's ability to absorb fat by making the brain feel full, water only fill the stomach.
Researchers from the United States comparing the diets of people with drinking water before eating and really pay attention to food intake and calories in their bodies. For three months, people who drank two glasses of water before eating, lost weight on average 7 kg and 2kg more than not drinking water.
"Someone has to drink more water and reducing sugars. It is the simplest way to manage weight loss," said one researcher, Dr. Brenda Davy, from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, as quoted from the Daily Mail.
In an earlier study, Dr. Brenda to find someone who drinks the water will eat 75 to 90 calories less. White water does have many benefits, one of them is to lose weight in a healthy manner. If your stomach is full of water, then the stomach will feel fuller and eat even become smaller.

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Banish Stress with a Cup of Sweet Tea

Banish Stress with a Cup of Sweet TeaBanish Stress with a Cup of Sweet Tea
Experiencing stress at work experienced by those who have multiple work load heavy. When dealing with high-pressure conditions, try to relax by sipping a cup of hot tea.
As quoted from the page of the Telegraph, a psychologist from Australia stated that sweet drinks such as help reduce the stress that makes people tend to be aggressive or argumentative.
According to research, energy derived from sugar allows the brain to maintain control of emotions. It is important to prevent themselves showed a negative reaction spontaneously when stress strikes.
Research done by giving sweet drinks to the number of volunteers. Some use the original sugar sweeteners, some with artificial sweetener. The volunteers were then faced with the task of fishing stress, followed by a presentation.
The results showed that those who consume sugar more capable of genuine emotions under control while under the same pressure.
When faced with a difficult supervisor at work meetings, drinking sweet drinks before the meeting is strongly recommended. Sweet drink before the journey home after a stressful job too well.
Glucose is needed by the brain to activate the "executive function", which includes the ability to withstand an explosion of emotions, say researchers from the University of New South Wales and Queensland University.
"Despite the widespread notion that the consumption of glucose can cause the 'high sugar', but our data show that glucose can enhance executive control when provoked," said one researcher.
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Understanding Nutritional Vitamins

nutritional vitaminsVitamin is an essential factor which the body requires; nutritional vitamins help a great deal of chemical processes within the physique so the body can function properly and be wholesome. Nutritional consists of many kinds such as vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K where each type includes a function as well as the diverse rewards with the wellbeing in the system.

The human have to consume supplement every day will differ dependent age, gender, employment kind along with other aspects for instance for people that deliver the results additional the physical body than brain's ability is distinct from somebody who functions behind the counter only, or for illustration the need to have nutritional vitamins for any national athlete is different with nutritional vitamins for individuals who rarely do sports routines, and so on

Source of vitamins and minerals may be obtained by natural or non natural. Natural vitamins are obtained by eating a balanced meals that contains a number of nutritional vitamins such as vegetables, fruits, milk, nuts and so forth, whereas non-natural way attained by consuming a range of health supplements or liquid vitamin supplements which deliberately created by pharmaceutical companies to be consumed by individuals who need to have them.

These vitamin supplements or liquid vitamins are easily offered in pharmacies and drugstores without having a prescription with all the packaging along with the highly variable composition but at doses that have followed the guidelines which have been made for example by USA Sciences Academy and recognized because the RDA

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preservative known

preservative knownpreservative known
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To obtain maximum results should be used in young fruit. More and more pineapple is used, the more cepa process works. Represent Papain papaya latex enzyme, extracted from the fruit of 2.5 ~ 3 months old. Can be used to make soft the meat, purification material on beer beverage industry, textile industry, tanning industry, pharmaceutical industry and makeup (cosmetics) and other unusual papain-lain.Enzim traded in the form of yellowish white powder, refined, and its water level 8%. This enzyme should be stored below 60 degrees C. At this temperature one (1) papaya can be done five times leads. Each leads generate + 20 grams of latex. Gum can be taken every four days with the way the fruit is scraped with a knife.
3) Preserving BY CHEMICAL

Using chemicals, such as sugar, salt, nitrate, nitrite, sodium benzoate, propionic acid, citric acid, sulfate salts, and other smoking-lian.Proses also include chemical means for the chemicals in the smoke entered into preserved foods. If the exact amount pemakainannya, preservation with chemicals in food is very practical because it can inhibit the breeding of micro-organisms such as fungi or mold, bacteria and yeast.
a) propionic acid (sodium propionate or calcium propionate) is often used to inhibit the growth of fungus or mold. For wheat flour, the maximum dose used was 0.32% atau3, 2 grams / kg of materials, while for materials of the cheese, the maximum dose of 0.3% or 3 g / kg of materials.
b) Citric Acid (citric acid) is the intermediate of organic acid compounds that form crystals or white powder. Maudah citric acid is soluble in water, spriritus, danethanol, no smell, taste very sour, and when heated will melt and then decompose the subsequent burning to become arang.Asam citrate also found in fruit juices like pineapple, orange, lemon, passion fruit . This acid is used to improve the taste of acid (adjust the acidity level) at various processing drink, milk products, jam, jelly, and others. Citric acid serves as a preservative in cheese dansirup, is used to prevent crystallization in honey, sugars (including fondant), and also to prevent bleaching various foods, such as canned fruits and fish. Yangencer citric acid solution can be used to prevent the formation of black spots on shrimp. Maximum usage in beverages amounted 3gram/liter juice.
c) Benzoate (acidum benzoicum or flores benzoes or benzoic acid) usually traded Benzoate benzoate is the sodium salt, with the characteristics of white powder or crystal, fine, a little smelly, salty taste, and on high heat will melt and then burn
d) Represents bleng phosphate salt solution, crystal-shaped, and yellowish. Bleng lot containing boron and a few other minerals. Additions bleng than as a preservative in food processing, especially crackers, as well as to develop and elastic materials, and provide the aroma and flavor as a preservative khas.Penggunaannya maximum of 20 grams per 25 kg of material. Bleng can be mixed directly in the dough after dissolved in water or deposited first and then the liquid is mixed into the dough.
e) kitchen salt (sodium chloride) Salt kitchen in a pure state is colorless, but sometimes a brownish yellow color comes from impurities in it. Sea water contains salt + 3%. Table salt as a barrier to microbial growth, are often used to preserve fish and other ingredients. Pengunaannya as a preservative of at least 20% or 2 oz / kg of materials.
f) sulfate salts are used in foods to prevent yeast, bacteria and brownish color during cooking.
g) caster sugar used as a preservative and is more effective when used with the aim of inhibiting the growth of bacteria. As a preservative, minimal use of granulated sugar 3%, or 30 g / kg bahan.Kaporit (Calcium hypochlorit or hypochloris calsiucus chlorine or chlorine kalkatau lime) is a mixture of Calcium hypochlorit, da-chloride-oxide, a white powder which is often agglomerate to form granules. Usually contain 25 ~ 70% active chlorine and smells very khas.Kaporit containing chlorine is used to sterilize water minumdan swimming pool, and wash the fish.
i) Sodium metabisulphite Sodium metabisulphite traded shaped crystals. Its use in a food processing process aims to prevent browning in fruits before processing, eliminating odor and bitter taste, especially in cassava and to maintain in order to keep menarik.Natrium metabisulphite colors can be dissolved together material or smoked. The principle of fumigation is SO2 gas stream into the material prior to drying. Fumigation carried out during the + 15 min. Maximum use as much as 2 grams / kg of materials. Excessive sodium metabisulphite will be lost during drying.
j) Nitrite and Nitrate There is in the form of potassium salt and sodium nitrite. Sodium nitrite is white grain, whereas potassium nitrite putihatau yellow color and high solubility in water. Nitrite and nitrate can inhibit growth of bacteria on meat danikan in a short time. Often used in dilayukan danging have to maintain the red color of meat. The added amount of nitrite is usually 0.1% or 1 g / kg of the material preserved. For nitrate, 0.2% or 2 grams / kg of materials. If more darijumlah will cause poisoning, and therefore the use of nitrite and nitrate regulated in the legislation. To overcome the use of nitrite poisoning is usually mixed with an equal amount of nitrate. Nitrate will be converted into nitrites little by little so that the amount of nitrites in meat are not excessive.
k) burp, is an organic compound in the form of white or colorless crystals, it was salty and cool. Burp-soluble and melt padasuhu dalamair 377 oC. There are three forms of saltpeter, which is potassium nitrate, calcium nitrate and sodium nitrate. Saltpeter can be prepared by reacting potassium chloride with nitric acid or sodium nitrate. In the industry used to make matches, explosives, fertilizers, and also for food preservatives. Maximum usage of 0.1% or 1 g / kg of materials.
l) Coloring Dyes Substance added to foods such as meat, vegetables, fruits and others to attract consumers' tastes and desires. Natural coloring matter is a frequently used turmeric, caramel and pandanus. Compared with natural dyes, then the synthetic dyes have many advantages in terms of diversity of color, good uniformity and stability, and storage easier and more durable. For example carbon black is often used to give black, titanium oxide to whiten, and others. Natural dye materials that match the colors rarely yangdinginkan.
4. Germ-free PROCESS
There are two ways of germ-free process, namely sterilization and pasteurization sterilization process is free of germs, viruses, spores and fungi. This sterile state can be achieved by natural or natural kimiawi.Secara can be done by:
- Heating equipment in boiling water at a temperature of 100oC for 15menit, for deadly germs and viruses;
- Heating equipment in the water boils at 120 oC for 15menit to kill spores and fungi. Chemically can be done using antiseptics and disinfectants.
a. Antiseptic is a substance that can inhibit or kill the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and other living tissue. There are several ingredients that are often used as an antiseptic, among others:
1. Alcohol, effectively used with concentrations of 50 ~ 70%; to break down proteins in the germ so that its growth stunted.
2. Acid and alkali, its use is similar to alcohol.
3. Mercury (hidrargirum = Hg), arsenic (As) and Argentum (Ag), which works through an enzyme system in germs.
Pengoksida, also worked on germ enzyme system. Consisting of iodine for skin disinfection and chlorine for disinfecting drinking water.
5. Dyes, especially analin and akridin used to color the germs so easy to find which of the network, which will be inhibited bacteria growth.
6.Pengalkil, who used to break down bacterial proteins so that their activities hampered. An example is formaldehyde.
b. Represents disinfectant chemicals used to prevent infection or contamination microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses, as well as to kill the germs of other diseases. Types of commonly used disinfectants are chlorine or formaldehyde. This species is more effective when mixed with water, especially in the manufacture of ice. To maintain the quality of fish use of chlorine as much as 0.05% or 0.5 grams / liter of water is very effective pasteurization conducted by heating the place where food or beverages are filled in boiling water at a temperature of at least 63o C for 30 minutes, then immediately removed and cooled to a maximum temperature of 10 degreeC. In this way it could inhibit bacterial growth quickly without affecting the taste of food and beverages.