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benefits Honey Tips & nutrition food

benefits Honey Tips & nutrition foodbenefits Honey Tips & nutrition food Here are some nutritional tips & Honey Tip
1: To Get Child
Ingredients 1-3 Review of Onions
2-1 chicken eggs

3 - Honey to taste

All materials had to be eaten in the morning as breakfast, before it should drink plenty of warm water that had been stored overnight, as was done by the Prophet's Read invocation before drinking the water.
Tip 2-stroke to overcome the problem, common in the stomach
1 - Honey Bee

2 - Red Onion

3 - Halba

Shallot until finely ground to be, then the water milked. Halba be crushed and boiled until soft. both madu.Ramuan be added to this drink every morning.
Tip 3 - To stabilize the Inner Energy

1 - Honey Bee

2 - Red Onion Honey and boil until the onion smell onion lost. The mixture should be consumed one tablespoon per day after eating. Amount of honey and shallots should be in the syllabus the same.

food vegetable kale benefits for health

food vegetable kale benefits for health. This time we see the goodness of vegetables. Many people do not like eating vegetables, right? Besides supplying nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, vegetables also have benefits in curing some diseases or health problems. This series, I explain the benefits vegetable kale or scientific name Ipomea vegetable kale benefits  for healthEasily available and cheap kale tu plaques. In the village, easy spinach grown in the wild edges of water sources. But, make sure you clean them before ye kale tu wherever you daptkannya. This edition, I want to tells you the four secrets of water spinach medicine, to treat hemorrhoids, treat insomnia, headaches and reaching market potential!

1. Treating Hemorrhoids

For those of you who suffer from this disease, you may feel embarrassed to see a doctor. Maybe spinach can help you. Or at least help your healing process. To treat hemorrhoids, you can use spinach as a side dish. For those of you who do not like to eat raw, you can be blanched or soaked briefly in hot water convolvulus. Remember, do not ye take a long time. Usefulness will be lost. Always spinach salad. There must be change!

2. Treating Insomnia or difficulty sleeping

Practice spinach with rice as food to help your sleep problems. Various means can either eat as a salad or for cooking vegetables or a vegetable gravy. It's up to your taste. Importantly, do not cook in the long term to ensure that the food.

3. Treating headaches

Which is always a headache, the same rules as rules 1 and 2 above.

4. Reaching market potential

For a less hair on the head that, ha .. this methodology. Take a bunch of local spinach and clean. Prepare a bowl / small sebesen water. Then, kale tai squeezed with hands in the water bath. Squeezed with hands to mucus-mucus out of the spinach. Take the mucus, apply to the scalp hair anada less tu! Then, wrap in a towel and let it 30minutes. After 30 minutes, open the towel and clean your head. For optimal results, practice once a week.

Order: Kangkung ( hele) stem hollow or empty space. An empty space is easy to enter the worm or maggot. Ideally, if you buy spinach / get a big stick, you can cut the stems and wash.

today food GARLIC benefits for health

today food GARLIC benefits for health- DETAILS OF GARLIC

Garlic is planted on sandy loam soil and flat. It can be grown almost all over the world. These special bulbs are located in the soil.
It was formed in the flask containing 10 to 13 pips. Exterior skin is covered with cream-colored skin. Leek lengthwise shape. Garlic can be planted using the bulb.
today food GARLIC benefits for health
The main components of garlic are:
Property percentage
Water 64.3
Protein 7.9
Fat 0.6
Carbohydrate 16.3
Energy 98 kkal/100g


Garlic helps digestion and increases appetite for food. if we eaten raw, garlic stimulates the secretion of saliva. It expanded the action pepsin (an enzyme that helps digest proteins) and increase the level of hydrochloric acid in the stomach.
It also increases the secretion of intestinal fluid and expand the action of enzymes that digest carbohydrates. In addition, garlic contains more dietary fiber, vitamin B1, vitamin C and a special smell that stimulates appetite most of the individual.

Cardiovascular Disease
Garlic lowers lipoprotein levels of 'bad' for example, LDL, VDL in the blood. It also increases the level of lipoprotein a good example of HDL in the blood and prevent blood collection. This means that continuous use of garlic can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease or heart disease.

Garlic blocks cell division and growth in areas such as colon, liver, kidney, skin, esophagus, stomach, bladder, breast and cervix. Pati garlic can reduce the toxicity siklofosfamida, a drug used in cancer treatment.

When eaten raw garlic, diallyl sulfide to form hydrogen sulfide in the body. This is excreted through the lungs of antibiotics and a stimulation action occurs. Through the spinal and vagus nerve, hydrogen sulfide stimulates various organs, promote blood circulation and metabolism.

Garlic control blood sugar levels effectively. It is important to ensure that no excess sugar in the body. When the excess sugar in the body, the individual is vulnerable to many diseases and the most feared disease is diabetes.

GARLIC injury
As with other things, garlic side effects if taken in excess. These include:

# Stimulates the digestive mucosa
# Vomiting, 'dysentery', anorexia nervosa
# Loss of weight, retarded growth
# Anemia
# Dermatitis

Therefore suggested servings of garlic and the recommended dosage:
Not less than 5 g of raw garlic per day, or
Not less than 0.5ml of garlic juice per day per kg of weight, or
No less than 300 mg garlic powder per day.
In the era of sophisticated now, goodness of garlic available in tablet form. There are many supplement manufacturers remove the garlic tablets.
It is readily available in the market for a reasonable price. Among the manufacturers of the famous garlic capsules were Nutrilite, Cosmos, 21st Century, and many more.

today food vegetable Carrot benefits

vegetable Carrot benefits
today food of vegetables for healthy live.
NAME OF SCIENCE: Daucus carota
Carrot is a vegetable that has many benefits. Carrots contain beta carotene, vitamins B and C, alpha carotene, klasium, and potassium. It is good for strengthening the immune system to fight of many deaseas. It will also enhance the growth of new cells, and toxic waste in the body.
Carrot juice can be used as a drink and it was also used to repair the skin. Carrots are especially useful for reducing heart problems, diarrhea, and also overcome the flu is by forming antibodies in the body.
In addition Carrot also use warm. It will also facilitate the flow of menses and urine.
today food vegetable Carrot benefitsDaikon.
Daikon is also said to contain a high content of nutrients and is often associated with those suffering from digestive problems. Suffer an upset stomach problems often occur due to indigestion of food and it is not only painful but also causes the whole body feels selesa.Salah not a method in traditional medicine to treat stomach problems fuss is using daikon.
Apart from the problem of indigestion of food, white radish is also good eaten by those suffering from bronchitis, sore throat, asthma, coughs and selesema.Ia act against bacteria, strengthen the spleen and with the effects of family antipiretik. from crucifera, also suitable for consumption of white radish as a side dish, especially among those who suffer from uncomfortable urination.
Here too I love to share some tips to make white radish soup. This soup is said to be good for kidney health.

1. Sliced red onion, garlic and ginger. Saute in a little oil.
2. Put 3 cups of water and the chicken.
3. Let it boil for 15 minutes. Put the chicken stock powder and salt.
4. Finally, add the sliced daikon round.
5. Let it boil briefly and serve.
6. Can be decorated with green onions and parsley and sprinkle the fried onions to serve.

vegetables sprouts Menus benefits

vegetables sprouts Menus benefits
sprouts Menus for lunch or dinner in one eye is often seen by most of us. Brussels sprouts are seen as absolutely no watering dishes.
vegetables sprouts Menus benefitsBut do you know that sprouts are often the last choice to make this vegetable is actually a lot of nutrients. Brussels sprouts can be said to contribute to the fertility of men and women. Intake of bean sprouts by men capable of making sperm produced by this group better. Similarly, a woman, it is quite effective in helping the fertility of eggs produced.
However, nutritional sprouts are not just contributing fertility, it is also evident in the study contain the seeds of cancer can be crippling, colorectal, pancreatic disease and leukemia.
According to studies carried out either from the type of bean sprouts green beans, alfalfa and contains many elements so beneficial phytochemicals. One is kanavanin (canavanine), an amino acid. Kanavanin, said to be able to paralyze the seeds of cancer leukemia, colon and pancreas.
In addition, sprouts are also a function of natural estrogen with estrogen synthesis. Estrogen in the bean sprouts can increase bone density and structure, and prevent bone loss (osteoporosis)
Recruitment of women regularly sprouts to help them prevent them from breast cancer by menstrual disorders, pre-menopausal symptoms, and disorders due to menopause.
When the beans to make bean sprouts germinated in general saponinya rate increased to 450 percent. They are at risk of stroke and heart attack, because of high blood fat more advisable to take the bean sprouts in their daily menu. Saponi in bean sprouts, drove "fat bad" LDL cholesterol, without affecting good HDL lipid content.
In addition to DNA loaded, compact sprouts with powerful antioxidant that prevents the body from harmful free radical cell DNA. This conclusion strengthens the protection of a vegetable sprouts make you younger.
Another no less nutritious sprouts are a great help remove impurities in the large intestine because they contain lots of fiber and water. This is the main pillar of the bean sprouts in the fight against cancer.
When the dirt soon leave the large intestine, no toxic substances in the dirt that can be absorbed by the body. It will prevent the accumulation of toxic substances that can stimulate cancer berseminya seeds. After reading the good vegetable sprouts do not hesitate to take it anymore!

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Banana fruit benefit for health

Banana fruit benefit for health
Apart from delicious fruit to eat, it has its own nutritional health food. Among the benefits of banana for our health:

Bananas are said to be the most effective foods for constipation disease.

For people with high blood pressure, good eating bananas. It contains a 'potassium' height that is useful for those who do low-salt diet.


'Cilium' the banana function take care of the body's water balance, normality of blood pressure, heart function and muscle work.

Banana fruit benefit for healthProtein 'trypotophan', a protein that can be changed by the body to 'serotonin' which is owned by a banana, can make a person feel more calm and happy. 'Potassium' was able to create a more stable heart rate until the oxygen flow to the brain remain stable.


Pregnant women who are often sick in the morning good to eat bananas. The natural sugars found in bananas may be higher to maintain blood sugar levels, thereby reducing nausea.


Or acne scars are very bad, especially when the black scars. Regardless of the type pa, so long as the black (including smallpox scarring) took the gold banana skin and rub it. Do it every day until the effect is lost. God willing, the result is satisfactory. In addition, the skin becomes smoother if you diligently practice it.


High blood pressure and stroke - bananas help reduce high blood pressure because of high potasiumnya content.

Cholesterol - banana fat low in calories, sodium cholesterol that helps humble.

Diarrhoea - potassium and magnesium contained in the banana is suitable to treat people suffering from diarrhea.

Anemia - anemia is anemia disease. Because bananas are rich in iron, it can stimulate the production of hemoglobin in the blood.

Depression - people who are depressed faster happy when eating a banana. This is because the content type of protein that helps us to be quiet.

Dizzy - the fastest way to treat the dizzy feeling of drinking a banana milk shakes (banana milkshake) is mixed with honey. This drink is not only treating but also delicious.

CAUTION: Although bananas are good for health and treat specific diseases, it is however not suitable for diabetics. This is because the sugar content in bananas is high. There are 25 grams of sugar per 126 grams of bananas (19.85%).
Banana fruit benefit, benefits

vegetable benefit of Corn

vegetable benefit of Corn for human health
1. Heart Health
Corn is known for his kindness to help reduce the risk of heart attack. It is very useful for human cardiovascular. The construction of "homocysteine" in the body, often associated with heart disease.
The construction of "homocysteine" in the blood contribute to the blockage of blood vessels that flow to the heart or brain. "Homocysteine" may be formed in the event of abnormalities (defects) and vitamin B deficiency in the processing of the body.
Corn levels of folic acid (a B vitamin) is high, which is able to restore the blocked blood vessels. Apart from corn also contains niacin (see article on mushrooms and pumpkin) are said to reduce cholesterol levels, thus helping to reduce diseases associated with heart disease.
Magnesium is also available in corn helps blood flow, oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Apart from magnesium can also reduce other disease conditions such as asthma, migraine, abnormal blood pressure and reduce the risk of disease "atherosclerosis" (condition in which blood vessels become thicker and can meyebabkan blocked) and heart disease, diabetes.vegetable benefit of Corn2. To reduce the risk of lung cancer (lung cancer) - Smokers take note!!
One study has shown that in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers And Prevention, conducted in China found that those who ate lots of food such as corn, squash, papayas, oranges and other fruits again, found the risk of lung cancer has decreased by 37% for those who smoke. This is because the corn (and other fruits mentioned) containing beta-cryptoxanthin "or commonly referred to as a carotenoid, it is more provitamin A, which when absorbed by the body carotenoid is converted into vitamin A.

3. Energy Enhancer
Corn contains "Pantothenic Acid". Pantothenic Acid is very useful for human body because it is able to convert complex carbohydrates into glucose which in turn provides energy to the body. It is also known as vitamin B5. There is also a notion that is capable of stimulating Pantothenic acid is quite vivid dreams (obviously) if taken before bedtime, and perhaps to remind ourselves. Hmmm interesting, Abg Saidi! Chuppp 3 packet! Apart from that Pantothenic Acid is known as anti-stress vitamin. This is because these types of acids capable of forming various types of adrenal hormone that gives men the ability to react and adapt to various conditions of stress or pressure.
In the same time, beta-carotene in corn also increased hemoglobin in the body. Hemoglobin is a protein that carries oxygen to cells in the body and can reduce the feeling of fatigue.

4. Increase Metabolism
Corn is rich in manganese, a mineral that stimulates the human thyroid gland to build more "triiodothyronine", which is a hormone that increases metabolic rate of men. Higher metabolic rate better waste disposal processes of the human body, and is of the opinion it also helps for those who want to lose weight.
Other than that listed above, there are several benefits of this corn. It has also been shown to lower cholesterol levels, reduce the risk of colon cancer (colon cancer) and reduce abdominal pain. It is also very good for the digestive system. In addition it can stabilize blood sugar, which is beneficial for those with illnesses such as hypoglycemia and diabetes.
Corn is also said to contain the source of "thiamine", or vitamin B1. Apart from one source to help construction workers is also very important for cognitive function in the brain (the thinking brain). It is necessary for the synthesis of "acetylcholine", a type of neurotransmitter that is important to improve memory.
The last is that it can reduce the risk of NTD or Neural-Tube Birth Defects (deformities newborn). NTD can cause death or serious disability.
Among other things, traditional medicine treats the corn starch to reduce the itching skin. Just take a little corn flour, mixed with a little water and rub the happiness that may itch for insect bites. Of the chickenpox also add one tablespoon of cornstarch into the bath, 15-minute bath to relieve itching in the body. If the corn itself is able to facilitate the removal, corn starch acts contrary. In the event of diarrhea, take one or two tablespoons of corn flour mixed with a glass of water.
vegetable benefit - corn benefit

herbal medicine - Wild Ginger benefit

herbal medicine - Wild Ginger benefit
Wild Ginger (Curcuma Roxb xanthorrhiza) is an annual plant that lives of grass and trunked form of a combination of several quasi-integrated base of the leaf. Each stem has 2-9 pieces of leaf, flower size of short and wide, white or dark yellow and purple flower base.
Wild Ginger efficacious to prevent and overcome a wide range of diseases. Various properties of ginger, among others, liver disorders, preventing hepatitis, increase the production of bile, aids digestion, overcoming inflammation of the gall bladder, stomach ulcers and kidney disorders.
Also, ginger can also lower high cholesterol levels, anemia / anemia, blood circulation, blood clots, malaria, fever, measles, aching rheumatic pain, arthritis, back pain, laxative menstruation, vaginal discharge, constipation, hemorrhoid, increase appetite, cough, asthma, sore throat, inflammation of the respiratory tract, dermatitis, eczema, acne, increase stamina, gallbladder inflammation and gallstones.Wild Ginger benefit1. For liver disorders, use 25 gr ginger and crushed leaves 30 g / mirten boiled with 600 cc of water until the remaining 300 cc, filtered and the water is drunk while warm.
2. In arthritis, rheumatism, stiff, take the following 25 gr 20 gr ginger red ginger is boiled with 400 cc of water to the remaining 200 cc, strain and drink the water.
3. To peluruh menstruation, use 25 gr of ginger blended with enough water, strain and add honey to taste and drink.
4. When sick gallbladder inflammation, use 30 grams ginger sliced and boiled with 500 cc of water to the remaining 200 cc, strain and drink the water.
5. To cope with gallstones, use 25 gr ginger, 30 g meniran and palm sugar boiled with 500 cc of water to the remaining 200 cc, strain and drink the water.
6. Lowering high cholesterol levels, use 20 gr finely ground dried ginger and brewed with hot water to taste and drink warm.
7. Troubleshooting gastroenteritis, use 30 grams of ginger cut into small pieces and boil with 500 cc of water to the remaining 200 cc, strain and drink the water.
8. Treat coughs and respiratory tract inflammation, use 25 gr grated ginger, add boiled water to taste, strain and add honey to taste and juice 1 orange juice, then drink.
9. To increase your appetite, take 25 gr of ginger, 10 g tamarind and brown sugar to taste boiled with 600 cc of water until the remaining 300 cc, filtered and drunk.
Make this recipe two times a day regularly. Meanwhile, for severe illness / serious advised to keep consulting a doctor.
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vegetables - lemon grass benefit

vegetables - lemon grass benefit
tips to reduce a fat
  • take 3 stalks lemon grass boiled with 2 cup water, let boil a cup to stay, drink while still hot
  • Boil dried a couple coriander with 2 cups of water, let it boil
  • to live a cup, drinking while still hot .. if you want to remove wind
  • Posted ginger added during boiling.

Practice nie done once a week ..... we can see the results ..

yellow fever (for Baby):
1. Take a bunch of local grass roots and leaves one with.
2.Bersihkan but do not remove the roots of the grass earlier.
3.Rebus with a bucket of water (approximately).

Adopt a baby bath for 3 consecutive days and not in the last rinsing bath.

healthy vegetables - lemon grass benefit for cure a deasea

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the potatoes benefits - Prevention of Hypertension

the potatoes benefits
It feels good to make the potatoes received and liked by most of the world community. There are hundreds of types of potatoes grown worldwide are of the family Solanaceac like eggplant and tomatoes.
Plants from Bolivia and Peru is first grown from seven thousand years ago. It became an important ingredient in Europe since the Spanish dishes brought out of the South American country.
Potato is grown mainly by large-scale farmers in the United States. This is because it has many benefits for health care.
Potato are rich in potassium, vitamin C, complex carbohydrates, fiber, or fiber to the blood glucose (blood sugar) and blood pressure control. In addition, it also contains protein, iron, vitamin B1, B2 and B3. It has a total content of potassium, twice that of a banana.
While the total fat is below the 25 per cent. Potatoes are ideal for those who have low blood sugar who have high blood pressure. In the formation of iron in the blood, the potato is the best source. It is also the source of the resistance body is able to ensure the system because of high content of vitamins and calcium.
The content is also available materials that can neutralize the virus, and carcinogens is more effective than soy. While the potato skins are rich in clorogenic polypherol that it can help to prevent mutation of cells that can lead to cancer.
A study was conducted found that raw potato slices and juice may help reduce the pain of a disease that attacks the joints and sore muscles. Hirisannya also can relieve pain as an illness or twisted, fire, light and small wounds with melekapkannya on it.
Potato sauce can be said to reduce injuries, reduce pain, prevent infection and bacterial contamination. While parutannya placed in the eye is said to eliminate the black circle in the eyes (dark circles). When paruatan is mixed with whipped cream, it was able to slow down the wrinkles on the face.
In addition to carbohydrates, potatoes are also rich in vitamin C. Just by eating 200 grams of potatoes, daily vitamin C requirements are met.
Also contain potassium which can prevent hypertension. Moreover, the potatoes can be a nutritious drink to reduce the effects of the arrival time of menstruation.
Potatoes are the five major food groups of the world other than wheat, corn, rice, and wheat.
The main part of a potato is a tuber food, which is a source of carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals is quite high.the potatoes benefits
Potato (Solanum tuberosum Linn.) Originating from the subtropical regions, namely the high Andean plains of North America. Highlands or mountains with a height of 1000-1300 meters above sea level, rainfall 1500 mm per year, daily average temperature 18-21oC and 80-90 percent humidity.
Compared to potato production in Europe of flat-stripping reached 25.5 tons per hectare, potato production in Indonesia is still very low. On average only 9.4 tons per hectare.
The low yield is associated with poor seed quality (eg virus infection), cultivation technologies that are not yet sufficient, and unfavorable climate. Poor post harvest handling can cause damage to potato tubers of 2-10 percent, and raises about 10 percent of the waste.
200 Gram enough. Potatoes have a high water content, which is about 80 percent. That is the cause of fresh potatoes is easily damaged, so it must be stored and handled properly. Processing potatoes into chips, flour, and starches, is an attempt to extend the usability of the tuber.
Potato starch containing amylose and amylopectin ratio of 1:3. Of wheat and potato starch, and then produced a variety of products with diverse tastes delicious and attractive appearance.
Carbohydrate content of potatoes for around 18 per cent, protein 2.4 percent and 0.1 percent fat. Total energy derived from 100 grams of potatoes is about 80 kcal.
Compared to rice, carbohydrate, protein, fat, and lower energy potatoes. However, when compared with other tubers such as sengkuang, sweet potato, and taro, nutrient composition of potatoes are still slightly better.
Potatoes are the only type of bulb is rich in vitamin C, the rate reaches 31 milligrams per 100 grams of edible potatoes. Other tubers are very poor vitamin C.
Needs 60 mg of vitamin C per day, enough to supply the 200 grams of potatoes. The rate is dominant and the other vitamins are niacin and B1 (thiamine).
With a medium sized potato, a third of vitamin C requirements (33 percent) have been achieved. Likewise, most will need vitamin B and iron.

Prevention of Hypertension
Potatoes are also a good source to various minerals, like calcium (Ca), phosphorus (P), iron (Fe) and potassium (K), respectively 26.0, 49.0, 1.1, and 449 mg / 100 g. other
very low sodium content, which is 0.4 mg/100 g.
The ratio of potassium to sodium is high in the potato is very beneficial for health, particularly on the prevention of the occurrence of high blood pressure (hypertension).
As we know, sodium intake (sodium) is excessive (to come from salt, monosodium glutamate / MSG, sodium bicarbonate) is one of the precursors of hypertension. Diselain high potassium intake to the contrary effect, ie lowering blood pressure.

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benefits Crab Soup as high Fever Antidote

benefits Crab Soup as high Fever Antidote. Allah had sent down any disease but also the cure. And in a hadith, the Prophet s.a.w. mentioned that there is cure every disease except death. Based on this hadith is clear that dengue is a cure, but have not found the man in the field of modern medicine today.
During the modern medical world scientists failed to find effective drugs or vaccines against dengue virus. This caused many victims and there are also the dead from the attack of dengue. One reason for the lack of awareness of the symptoms (simptoms) the initial attack of dengue causes some people to seek treatment in hospital later.
However, since the discovery of nearly two years ago regarding the proper antidote against dengue fever opened the eyes of the scientists nor the researchers have to make in-depth study on the nutritional crab be used as an antidote against dengue.
A brief study found crabs contains a high protein, which can help the reconstruction of blood platelets that is lost due to dengue virus. This is because patients with dengue fever will experience a decrease in platelet syndrome is evident in a few days after being infected with the virus and the dengue cases, platelets may be due to the minimal level, is ultimately fatal to the patient.
Crab soup intake will cause a sharp increase patient platelets and thus cure them with a very fast rate. The effectiveness of treatment with a therapeutic oral crabs (cooked as a soup alone) is amazing because of dengue fever patients who drink and eat (fill in and gravy), a large bowl, crab soup (500ml to 1 liter) will experience a sharp increase in the rate of platelet in the relatively short, ie only between 5 to 8 hours and the patient will recover 99.9% in the period.
Crab is best for this purpose is a shell crabs palm blackish and orange at the bottom of his stomach. However, other types of edible crabs are also beneficial for this purpose.
In fact, the recovery is faster than current treatments received by patients in hospitals because patients do not have a fever after eating multivite or magnesium pill for the recovery of energy and stamina, also do not have to take 2-3 weeks to return to normal power. Also most interesting when a patient with dengue early simptoms not need to go to hospital if they take the crab soup immediately realize the signs of attack of dengue.benefits Crab Soup as high Fever Antidote To date the observation was found to be less than 20 people contact that has been attacked by dengue has fully recovered within 5 to 8 hours after eating crab soup. Even my own experience is also very impressive in which I have recovered 100% in 7 or 8 hours only when attacked by dengue fever in May 2006.
Based on recovery rates of dengue fever patients who take crab soup is almost 100%, then I think that it is not a "coincidence", but also is a sure thing that the crab is the most potent antidote to treat dengue.
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Soya beans benefits for health

Soya beans benefits for health. Soya beans are also known as Glycine max is one of seven "super foods" in the world.
Residents in the eastern region, particularly the Chinese community started using soy as a health food since 5000 years ago in which tofu and soy milk are soy products popular among Chinese people.
Soybean is a "Functional Food" is the most widely studied of the 80's and 90's. Many of the positive scientific findings prove that soybeans and soy protein can enhance the quality of life without causing harmful side effects. Among the advantages attributed to the soybean and soy protein is as follow

I. Reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by controlling cholesterol levels in the body of 7s and 11s soy peptide in which the drugs act as "statins", but without the side effects of medication.
II. Isoflavin soy is believed to enhance breast health and the prevention of breast and uterine cancers, strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis by reducing calcium loss mechanisms in the bones, overcoming the problem of off-menstrual symptoms.
III. Soy lecithin can accelerate blood circulation, detoxification of wastes in the cells, mengemusi fat in foods, improve kidney function, heart and liver and can cure and prevent aging of skin pigmentation.
IV. Content of essential amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, folic acid, iron and calcium, according to all women as the main protein supplement to prevent anemia and reduce health problems. In addition, aging can be slowed.
V. Complex sugar and "oligosaccaride" in soybeans to improve constipation and also as a major food probiotics in the large intestine and colon health by preventing us from colon cancer.
Although soy has many features that stimulate optimum health, you must be careful when making brand choices in the market.Soya beans benefits for healthHow to choose soy supplements the best on the market?
Must ensure the goods are free of toxins and "heavy metals", bacteria, fungi and aflatoxin and pesticides.
# Soy products sensitive to contamination, so it must be processed at the plant recognized HACCP (RVA) and ISO9001: 2000 (UKAS), can be said is safe for consumption.
# Make sure the soy is free daripadaUrinase enzyme that does not cause problems with gout.
# Make sure that the ratio of protein to carbohydrates is in the range 0.6-1.0 that does not make you fat, or produce a burden to the kidney function.
# Make sure the product is "wholesome" and not just the soy protein isolate alone.
# Make sure it is rich in essential amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, and potassium nutrients.
# Make sure it is free of "thickener" and artificial flavors.
In conclusion, the health benefits of soy beans are good. However, you must ensure that the security features of products before they are used for the long term.
MESSAGE: Acquisition of homemade soy milk is not recommended because most likely you will be exposed to the negative effects of unwanted soybeans.
(Kim, Lin-Keong (2005), Women and Health Soybean. Rapi Magazine, October 1, 2005 edition, number 29)

Benefits of soy for women
Benefits of soy protein can be equal to two times the protein of meat, eggs four times, four times the wheat, bread, five or six times and twelve times the milk. The study also found that soy protein is not only high, but good quality. Soya beans may help the needs of women, which are, soybean brain development, further enhancing the body's metabolism rate of fiber contained in it helps control body weight. It is also good to avoid being 'hot flashes' before menapous and help prevent cancer and anemia.
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If you like to drink water and soy by own, do not cast skin rubish . Dry skin rubish and store in airtight container. To use it take a few tablespoons of the cake and mix with warm water. Scouring and scouring the entire body while bathing. As a result, the body is clean, smooth and bright. Waste can also be mixed with egg white to make a face powder. The result of course you are amazing.

Apple benefits for health

Apple benefits for health. Apple flavor really well known. In fact, juice is also very popular. Benefits of green apples more closely in helping the digestion and weight loss. Green apples and red apples, both are equally important in terms of usefulness to the body.
The practice of eating or drinking apple juice every day to supply enough nutrients to reduce cholesterol in the body. Studies show that apples contain elements of healthy phytonutrients that may slow down the oxidation of bad cholesterol which is a process that plays a role in the growth of heart disease.
Children who ate fast food and then eating or drinking apple juice actually balance the return and prevent the nutrient content of fat in the body.Apple benefits for health
The best ways to process apple
1) Wash apples and cut into 2 parts
2) Remove the end of the two parts of a V.
3) Cut the apple into four parts. Perform the same technique to another part of the apple one.
4) Get rid of the apple is the center that contains the seeds.
5) lemon juice to get the juice of 1 / 4 cup. Mix with cold water.
6) Soak all the fruit has been cut for 15 minutes, then let them drain.
7) cut apples ready to be served without blemish.
Make sure you use a sharp-edged knife to cut vegetables and fruits. Dull or damaged blade will cause more rapid damage to the fruit or vegetable is cut. Ideally to avoid cutting blades for cutting fruit and other raw materials.

mushroom benefit for our healthy

mushroom benefit for our healthy. In Malaysia, there are only 10 people mushroom expert, if the numbers higher, it is possible to boost the economy and not rely solely on imported mushrooms from China.
Imagine that in China alone there are over 100 research centers mushrooms.
Our country only produces 24.000 kg of mushrooms, while the actual demand is 50,000 kg.
If the cultivation of mushrooms to be commercialized yet we do not have to import it. Moreover, the addition of a new research center may be able to produce new discoveries mushroom nutrition.
Original unique mushroom. He said France was discovered by villagers as a source of food and medicine to the hundreds of years ago. They are buried in the cave because the plant requires a moist and cool temperatures.
Even the early Chinese historical records show mushrooms used in traditional medicine and classical Chinese painting. The appliance also has a pattern of imperial greatness of mushrooms.
Mold is actually a lot of nutrients from the medical angle.
mushroom benefit for our healthyIt could cure a cough, treat gastric and blood pressure because it is rich in iron, minerals and amino acids and antioxidants.
Now there are an estimated 15.000 species of mushrooms are 1.5 million fungus exists. But there are hundreds of thousands more that have not been found and has no name.
Talking about mushrooms commercialism in the future, it is possible there is ice cream and chocolate mushroom mushrooms sold in the market.
If there is now a mushroom drinks in cans, it is possible no longer a child can feel the passion for ice cream mold.
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Lime fruit juice benefit

me fruit juice benefit. Orange juice is believed to come from India or Southeast Asia and Myanmar. Now it is cultivated in almost all tropical and subtropical regions.

Lime is usually grown in Southeast Asia tut. In other areas, the seeds are used as seed. Orange juice can also reproduce through grafting, but rarely do.
Lime in accordance with the hot and humid climate. Can grown on different soil types but are more suitable for planting in the sandy loam soil types.

Lime fruit is small and round or oval types of berries, measuring 2.5cm - 5 cm in diameter. The skin is shiny and smooth and its contents yellowish green, juicy, but sour. Lime fruit smells fragrant.Lime fruit juice benefitProperty
Lime fruit juice kills bacteria dysentery, cholera and typhoid. Citric acid contained in the lime effectively remove fat and lose weight. Sitriknya acid can also be used to relieve stomach and digestive health. Orange juice contains vitamin A.

Friday, November 26, 2010

avoid for Night Snacking Desire

avoid for Night Snacking Desire
Do you have a habit eat snack in the middle of the night? Do you realize that it can disrupt the activity program slimming diet and exercise.
Midnight snacking habits of potential triggers weight gain. This is because your metabolism decreases when the night. Food that enters the body is not burned into energy, but stored as fat.

tips from profesional - To curb the desire to snack at night, try to follow the following five tricks.

eat enough food during the day
Fulfill your desire to eat during the day until full. Choose healthy and nutritious foods, like salad, nuts and low calorie foods. Eat little but often, because it will make full longer. Do not be afraid to eat the night, simply, reduce the amount of carbohydrate.

Toothbrush act
It may sound strange, but this trick worked quite well. Usually you will be lazy to eat again after a toothbrush.
avoid for Night Snacking Desire
Avoid temptation
Avoid passing the road, where mini subscription. When at home, avoid also view or open a cupboard to store food. By not see food, you can resist the desire to snack.
make a Gossip
Divert your attention by calling a friend or chatting. Talk about exciting gossip, so focus your attention not on food. This is quite effective in suppressing the desire to find a snack.
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Drinking Bottle is Watched in European

Drinking Bottle is Watched in European
European Union (EU) banned the sale of baby bottles containing drinks for Bisphenol-A (BPA), Thursday, November 25, 2010. Because the chemicals can be harmful to children's health.
According to the page the Montreal Gazette, the decision of the European Commission that will take effect next year. "Parents throughout the European Union can be sure that from mid-2011 for babies drink bottles made of plastic will not contain BPA," said John Dalli, EU Commissioner of Health and Consumer Policy.
The decision of the EU's executive agency does not need to be approved by the European Parliament last June because they contain BPA has been declared dangerous to the health of children.
The ban was the culmination of months of discussions between the European Commission, the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA), EU member states, and industry.
Previously, Canada became the first country in the world last October classify BPA as a toxic material, despite opposition from industry players.
Drinking Bottle is Watched in EuropeanIn Europe, only two countries to unilaterally ban the drink baby bottles that contain hazardous. They are France and Denmark. Even Denmark is now trying to ban the sale of all foods that contain chemicals that for consumption of children aged up to three years.
According to the experts, the content of BPA actually be safely used in very small levels. But the claim still needs further testing.
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

drinking and eating while standing is not healthy

drinking and eating while standing is not healthy
health logic, if we alcohol while sitting, the baptize we alcohol will be buried by the sphincter. Sphincter is a anatomy maskuler (muscular) that can be opened (so that urine can pass) and close. Any baptize we alcohol will be provided at stations amid in the branch filtration.
drinking and eating while standing is not healthy
drinking and eating while standing is not healthy
Well if we drank standing, the baptize we alcohol after filtered aback beeline to the float consistent in the degradation disaluran ureter. Wastes (precipitation) that menyisa diureter These crystals can account branch ache which is one of the alarming branch disease. One of the affection are difficult to urinate.

The fix for this problem:

1. Get acclimated to alcohol while sitting.
2. Alcohol affluence of water.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

High Fiber, Dragon Fruit tie the Fat

dragonfruit BENEFIT.
have High Fiber, Dragon Fruit tie the Fat. FRUIT dragon is believed to cure various diseases. Because of his usefulness, the current fan dragon fruit grows. "Almost the same nutritional value of vegetables and other fruits," said Eko Dwi Martini DCN, nutritionist dr Soetomo.
Nutritional composition per 100 grams of flesh dragon fruit contains 0.16 to 0.23 grams of protein, fiber from 0.7 to 0.9 grams, 0.005 to 0.012 micrograms of beta-carotene, Vitamin C 8-9 grams, and vitamin B1 0.28-0 , 30 micrograms. "Besides, dragon fruit contains calcium, phosphorus, and iron," he added.
Dragon fruit fiber plays in lowering cholesterol levels. How, fiber will bind bile acids (end products of cholesterol) in the gastrointestinal tract and then removed with the feces. "The higher consumption of fiber, the more bile acids and fats are removed the body," he explained.
Eko suggested, diabetes (people with diabetes) eating dragon fruit regularly at least 13 grams per day. It was at once steps to keep blood cholesterol levels.
Beta-carotene is also very useful in the process of vision, reproduction, and other metabolism. Including the antioxidant beta-carotene. In effect, preventing cancer, especially skin and lung cancer.
There are two types of dragon fruit. There is a fleshy white and red. "People believe the red dragon fruit is more potent than the white. This assumption was not proven because the nutritional content is relatively the same, "he added. (uji).

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Coffee is the most sold in the world

Coffee is the most sold in the world

Initially, coffee was always a small bush Ethiopia. According to legend, which is about 850 AD, a visiting professor of Arabic shepherd his flock of goats, curious. When the sample of his goats ate the berries, felt my feet again, he saved some of the fruit and was a sort of evangelist for coffee. Finally, the cultivation of coffee began in a farm south Initially, coffee was always a small bush Ethiopia. According to legend, which is about 850 AD, a visiting professor of Arabic shepherd his flock of goats, curious. When the sample of his goats ate the berries, felt my feet again, he saved some of the fruit and was a sort of evangelist for coffee. Finally, coffee cultivation began on a farm in southern Arabia, and from there the beans to Europe.Coffee is the most sold in the world

Although coffee was practically unknown in Europe at the beginning of 1600, 1700, there were 2,000 European coffees. Thank you to high taxes, and the Boston Tea Party tea, in short, Americans and coffee drinkers. coffee cultivation began in Hawaii in 1825. Today, coffee is consumed in about a third of the world population. Two types of coffee, Coffea arabica and Coffea canephora, supply most of the breaststroke. Arabica beans are more flavorful and aromatic that have been developed and Latin America, the Caribbean and Indonesia. The cheaper robusta (canephora a crowd) has increased, particularly in Africa, and for instant coffee.
Coffee is the most sold in the world, but each grain is still harvested by hand. Since the zoo has a few coffee lovers, it is natural that coffee plants are part of our collection. You can see trees Coffea arabica in tropical countries and have Kopje gorilla. Most people think the rich aroma and coffee, when they think. But the plant also has wonderful fragrant flowers.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Dragon fruit was developed in large companies

Dragon fruit was developed in large companies

Fresh dragon fruit has become a specialty of the region and often dessert stations and resort hotels in the city. In addition, holiday clubs dragon fruit, the preparation of dishes in your kitchen and garden tours of other fruit dragons. Guided tours help travelers better understand the fruit and the farmers, how they develop.
Whatever the season, is confident that visitors will see a bunch of kites baskets of fruit for sale in small apartments on the way to the square of the town of Phan Thiet Vietnam (Vietnam in the locality.)RED Dragon fruit WHITE
According to residents, was the dragon fruit in the region for nearly 30 years. TautanCitizens First developed for the ancestors of fruits and spectacular scenery of his appearance.
Today, people in countries recognize the economic potential of fruits and kites were developed, the huge production.
Dragon fruit has now evolved into big business through thousands of hectares throughout the region. The earth dragon fruit has its own brand, and across the country and the world.
According to local farmers, the best season dragon fruit is traditionally between March and August. But with the help of technology, farmers can now grow fruit all year, so we often see the light that shines in the orchards of dragons on the runway the night of Mui Ne, Vietnam.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Beef Fried Rice

I am really starting to love the versatility of cauliflower. Before eating more Primal/Paleo I did not know there were so many wonderful uses for cauliflower. I used to eat it raw or steamed. Now I enjoy rice and mashed. This is becoming a household staple! I do buy 2 heads a week... :) 

Actually - all vegetables - a wide variety are staples in our household.

Creating delicious new recipes and meals for my family is rewarding enough. We are really enjoying the new flavors and simplicity of meals! Yes, some of them take a little longer!

I have made several different version of the family favorite but this one could be the best and favorite of the family!

We could not tell the difference!!!!
Beef Fried (Cauliflower) Rice

The Ingredients:
1/2 - 1 lb ground beef
1 cup onion, diced
1 cup carrots, diced
1 cup steamed broccoli, diced
2 garlic cloves, minced
3 eggs, scrambled (we used 2 large chicken eggs and one turkey egg) 
1 head of cauliflower
coconut aminos
garlic powder
Worcestershire sauce (just splash)

The Directions:
Pulse raw cauliflower in food processor until rice like. Set aside. 

Saute all vegetables in coconut oil. Cook for 5 minutes. Add ground beef. Cook until all the beef is has no pink. Add cauliflower rice and cook for 5 minutes. Add seasonings and cook until cauliflower is tender but not mush. Finally mix in the scrambled egg. 

drinking water is healthy

drinking water is healthydrinking water is healthy
White Water cooking / minerals essential to health. it is time we begin to change the habit of drinking water, we can gain tremendous benefits, or sometimes we can not depend on medications to relieve migraines, or any painkillers.
whether the importance of water / mineral water, let us review the role of water in the human body. In every part of the human body contains 55-78 percent water, depending on the size of his body. in short, two thirds of the human body consists of water, and is a major component of the body itself. Did you know that network and also your major organs consist of water? Here are the percentage of water in the human body:
  • Muscles consist of 75% water
  • The brain consists of 90% water
  • Bone consists of 22% water
  • Blood consists of 83% water
The function of water for the human body is very important. Water serves as:

  • Transport of nutrients and oxygen to the cells.
  • Moisten the air in the lungs.
  • Helps metabolism.
  • Protecting the vital organs.
  • Helping the organ to absorb nutrients better.
  • Regulate body temperature.
  • As detoxification.
  • Protect and hydrate joints.
Every cell in your body needs water from head to toe. That is why it is very important for you to drink plenty of fluids. Take the example of the brain. Your brain consists of 90% water. If you do not provide adequate water supply for your body, your brain was not functioning properly and you may develop headaches or migraines. Therefore, if the next time you feel tired listless and headaches, it could be a sign of dehydration.
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to Make Fast Food Healthier Foods

to Make Fast Food Healthier Foods

obesity and fast food contributor to obesity. but glad to ditawarkannya.apa delicacy which we hope is a healthy way of eating fast food? There are several ways that can be done to make fast food healthier, and easy to do. Here's how to make fast food be healthy:

1. Green (additional vegetables)

Most fast food restaurants offer more than just burgers and fries. Most also offer a salad which in itself can be a healthy choice for you. Certain toppings such as cheese, sauce, and crouton, would add an unnecessary extra calories, so avoid these toppings.

2. Grilled

Check the fast food menu and you will find there are at least two choices of chicken sandwiches, fried or grilled. Fried sandwich loaded with fat and calories, some of the bread flour, the rest of the frying process. But the grilled chicken sandwich, no mayo, cheese and bacon, can be a very good choice, and contain plenty of protein.

3. avoid meat Nugget

Some people think that the chicken nuggets would be a healthier choice than a burger, but that's not true. Because the chicken nuggets breaded fried in very high temperatures, so the difference between calories and fat negligible. so nugget is fat source of obesity.

4. Dump Dairy

If you're addicted to burgers, there is a way for you to throw a few extra calories and fat by asking waiters to make a burger without mayonnaise, cheese or butter. Dairy products alone could add more than a hundred calories! wow how fast fat fast.

5. White Water Order

Instead of adding extra calories that do not need to order a sweet tea or soda, or juice, try to order water. You should drink 8 glasses of water a day, and this is the right time to drink a glass of them!

6. replace French Fries With fruit Apples

I know at least four fast-food chain that offers an alternative to fried potatoes - sliced apples! One of them in the form of caramel sauce, which defeated the whole purpose in making a healthy fast food. So avoid it and enjoy some sweet apples are juicy and crispy in your food!
to Make Fast Food Healthier Foods7. Do not eat that Overstated

All things, good fast food though, will not cause problems if not excessive. As long as you do not eat a double cheese burger with fries every day, and only indulge occasionally tongue, you will not ruin your diet or accumulate extra fat is not healthy. excess is not good.
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Weight loss diet tips

Weight loss diet tipsWeight loss diet tips todays
Anyone who wants to lose weight always expect results within a short time. If we move the pressure of weight loss programs from how we look into what we feel, then most of us will find much easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle by incorporating physical activity in everyday life that we enjoy compared to perform step by step like a baby.

Here are 4 tips to lose weight fast:
Our first tips to lose weight is by drinking milk. Clinical studies have consistently found that eating low-fat milk every day to produce 2% of the additional weight of the control subjects who did not consume milk. These findings strongly suggest that calcium is a key ingredient of success in weight loss, which also found that the most significant result if calcium is taken in the form of dairy products, not in supplement form.

You should also drink plenty of water. As we often hear, you should drink eight glasses of water a day. Can you drink so much? Maybe it is not unusual for you to remember the positive effect of water on your body. Water serves as a detox and make you feel full so that you also eat less.
The next modification you need to make is to your daily diet. You have to switch from carbohydrate to protein diet. Loss of carbohydrate from your diet means less bread, pasta, fruit and focus on egg whites, skinless chicken, fish and turkey breast. Type of food you consume will have a major impact on the body and also your overall weight.
The last of quick tips to lose weight is to get used to eating all day. As an alternative to big meals several times a day, your digestive care with food mengasup berporsi smaller. Eat smaller meals but more often will help your body's metabolism to make the combustion process with the maximum. You should eat small meals every 3 hours during the day to maintain a healthy metabolic rate for your diet.
Although these four quick tips to lose weight it does not give instant results, but can have a significant impact over time. Patience and perseverance are the keys to losing weight. By using this method in the scheme of your diet, you'll not only lose weight but also improve your health.
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Colon Cancer Behind Sausage must be attention

Colon Cancer Behind Sausage
Colon Cancer Behind Sausage must be attention

Who does not know delicious sausages, processed meat food is already very familiar in the tongue of the people of the world, including Indonesia. However, who would have thought behind the pleasures of this nutrient-rich foods, contained in fat and high cholesterol that can damage the health.
Even experts in the UK has recently re-warned that the consumption of sausage a day can increase the risk of colon cancer. That is why, you'd better be careful eating sausage or processed meat products.
As reported in The Star newspaper, Martin Wiseman from the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF), warned consumers of the threat of cancer if consumed too often food is delicious nan. He also warned consumers to be wary of bacon and stated that with only consume 50 grams of processed meat foods every day can increase the risk of cancer by 20%.
Almost a few year ago, Wiseman also voiced similar warnings about the dangers of consuming too much processed meat including ham, pastrami, salami and hot dogs.
Foods processed meats are made from meat or fish that has been chopped and then blended, flavored and preservatives. There is then smoked, is included in selonsong elliptical symmetry, both made from animal intestines or artificial wrapping (casing).
Wiseman added that the report was released it was probably not new, but the ironic fact is almost two-thirds of the public, especially in the UK are not conscious or aware of this issue.
"We are now more convinced than ever that eating meat olahahan can increase the risk of colon cancer," he said.
Red meat, including beef, pork, lamb, has so far been linked with colon cancer. Even so experts recommend that red meat be consumed in moderation (less than 500 grams per day) for essential nutrients.
"A lot of scientific research which found that colon cancer is more often found in people who frequently consume red meat and processed meat products," said Sara Hiom, director of health information at Cancer Research UK.
Meanwhile, David Spiegelhalter, a Professor of Public Understanding of Risk from Cambridge University, believes one among 18 men have the possibility of having colon cancer, while women 1 in 20. Count, according to David Spiegelhalter is a risk of a lifetime.

Nutritional Value
Sausage is a processed meat products that have a high nutritional value. Nutrient composition of different sausages, depending on the type of meat used and the processing process. Sausage processed products rich in energy, and can be used as a source of carbohydrate. In addition, sausages also contain cholesterol and sodium is quite high, so the potential to cause heart disease, stroke and hypertension, if consumed in excess.
The provision of quality sausages under the Indonesian National Standard (SNI 01-3820-1995) is: 67% maximum moisture, maximum ash 3%, protein at least 13%, maximum 25% fat, and carbohydrates up to 8%. In fact, many sausages on the market that have a nutritional composition is far below the standards set. This shows the amount of meat consumption is less or use of inappropriate material composition sausage standard.

Read the Label By Researching
Along with the development of food industry, has now developed a new innovation, that is ready to eat sausage without the need to be cooked or heated first. That way, the sausage can be eaten as a snack. Currently, he also started a lot of sausage sold sterile, the sausages are made through the sterilization process so that durable to be stored at room temperature for some time. Sausage was staying was opened from its packaging and can be eaten directly.
One thing to note is the sausage fat content is high enough. Consumption of sausages as snacks should consider factors such as obesity and cholesterol health. Sausages with low fat content can be an option. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself read the label carefully before deciding to buy and eat sausage.
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Wrong way for Lose Weight (must avoid that)

Wrong way for Lose Weight (must avoid that)
Wrong way for Lose Weight ( avoid that !)
Lose weight and keep it stable is an endless struggle. That is why, many women are always trying to keep the diet in a long time in order to maintain ideal body weight.
The best way to get healthy and ideal weight is to keep eating healthy foods and exercise regularly. Unfortunately, many women who want to get a slim body instantly. In fact, not all diets are safe living. There are some dietary patterns that are considered cespleng, just save the risk for those who live it.
Therefore, in order to get a healthy slim body, avoid bad way to lose weight following, as quoted from Modernmom.

Smoking is regarded as an activity that can increase metabolism, thus burning calories the body easily. Smoking can make a hungry bear. But, if your intention to smoke to lose weight, this is a very bad idea.
Cigarettes are addictive substances that make you suck it hard to stop, even after you have lost weight. The health risks caused by cigarettes far outweigh the benefits of weight loss.
According, increasing your metabolic rate from smoking actually increases the risk of heart disease.

Diet and ignore hunger
Skipping eating schedule will result in lack of calories your body that should be required. You not only lose the calories that are very important for the body, but also nutrients and vitamins. This could have a negative impact on health. When the body does not get enough calories, your metabolism will slow to make up the body's energy shortage. Similarly, as reported

Diet fruit juice
Do not consume anything but just drink fruit juice to your diet may sound effective, but there are risks to health. Such a diet is contrary to the principles of balanced nutrition. If you continue to run in a relatively long time, the diet in this way would be dangerous to health.
Weight loss can indeed be down, but due to lack of nutrients from other food ingredients, chances are you become more susceptible to disease.
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familiar with Dragon fruit

familiar with Dragon fruit
familiar with Dragon fruit and benefit
the dragon fruit was not long ago recognized, cultivated, and cultivated in Indonesia. Plants with red fruit and green scaly This is a newcomer to the world of agriculture in Indonesia and is one of the promising business opportunities and development are very good dragon fruit plants cultivated tropical areas such as Indonesia.
History of Dragon Fruit Spread.
This cactus plant from Mexico State, Central America, and North America and is now spread all over the world. In the area of origin is named after the dragon fruit or pitaya pitahaya Roja. Residents there often take advantage of this fruit to be served as fresh fruit consumption over the kitchen dishes.
But in its development, more commonly known as dragon fruit plants from Asia because it was developed on a large scale in several countries, especially Asian countries Vietnam and Thailand. At first the plant is intended as an ornamental plant, because the triangle shape and spiny stem short and has a beautiful flower is similar to funnel-shaped flowers Wijayakusuma and start blooming disenja and will bloom at night. That's why this plant is also called the night-blooming cereus.
Name or dragon fruit dragon fruit probably caused this fruit has a bright red color and has a green skin with a fin similar to the figure of a dragon in the imagination of the country of China. Formerly an ancient Chinese society often presents these fruits by putting them between two male dragon statue above the altar table and is believed to bring blessings.
As his native Mexico and the American region, although this plant was originally intended for ornamental tanamanan Vietnam in its development community began to develop as a fruit crop, because it's not only edible, taste the fruit is also delicious and contain useful and efficacious. So the plant is cultivated as a plantation house-garden plants taken the fruit.
Dragon fruit into or becoming known in Indonesia around 2000, and not from farming alone but on imports from Thailand. Though it is relatively easy crop cultivation and tropical climate in Indonesia is very supportive of development.
This plant was developed around 2001, some areas in East Java, including Mojokerto, Pasuruan, Jember and surrounding areas. But until this very day the dragon fruit planting area is practically a little and only in certain areas because it is still relatively rare and not yet widely known to the public.

Dragon Fruit Classification

Division: Spermatophyta (seed plants)
Subdivisions: Agiospermae (seeds enclosed)
Class: Dicotyledonae (two pieces)
Order: Cactales
Family: Cactaceae
Subfamily: Hylocereanea
Genus: Hylocereus
Species: - Hylocereus undatus (white meat)
- Hylocereus polyrhizus (red meat)
- Hylocereus costaricensis (super red meat)
- Selenicereus megalanthus (yellow skin, no scales)

Including dragon fruit cactus plants or groups of family and subfamily Hylocereanea Cactaceae. Including the genus Hylocereus consisting of from several species, and include the usual dragon fruit cultivation and commercial value.

Dragon Fruit Morphology.

Dragon fruit plants is a type of climbing plants. In the original habitat of this plant to climb other plants are epiphytes to sustain and still be alive despite their roots in the ground revoked because they still can get food from the air through the roots that grow dibatangnya. Morphologically these plants including plants not complete because it has no leaves.
Here is further explanation of the dragon fruit plant morphology, root, stem and branches, flowers, fruits and seeds:

Dragon fruit roots are epiphytes, vines and sticks to other plants. In cultivation, the pillar was made to stem merambatkan this dragon fruit plants. Dragon fruit roots resistant to drought but not stand in a puddle of water too long. Although the roots torn from the land can still live by absorbing food and water from the aerial roots that grow on the trunk.
Dragon fruit rooting bias is said to shallow, just before production only reached a depth of 50-60 cm, following the extension of the brown stem in the soil. This is what can be used as a benchmark in fertilization.
In order for normal root growth bias and requires a good degree of soil acidity on the ideal condition is pH 7. If the soil pH below 5, plant growth will be slow and become stunted. In the cultivation of soil pH must be known before and after the crop is planted, because the roots are an important factor to absorb nutrients that are in the soil.

Trunk and Branches
Stems green dragon fruit bluish or purplish. The elbow-shaped rod or a triangle and contain water in the form of lenders and encrusted candles when an adult. From this stems grow branches that form and color similar to the stem and functioning as a leaf to the process of assimilation and contain cambium that function for plant growth. In the trunk and branches of this plant grow thorns that hard and short. Location of thorns on the edge of the right-angled stems and branches and fruit made up 4-5 thorns grows at each point.

Flowers funnel-shaped dragon fruit measuring about 30 cm in length and will begin to bloom in the evening and will bloom at night. After the bloom color inner crown of pure white flowers and yellow benangsari contained therein and will issue a fragrant smell.

Fruit elliptical, and is usually located close to the end of the branch or trunk. At the branch or trunk growing bias more than one and sometimes close together. Thick rind of about 1-2 cm and the fruit skin surface have fins or tassels measuring about 2 cm.

Round-shaped seeds are small and thin but very hard. Seeds can be used in a generative plant propagation, but this is rarely done because it takes a long time to produce. Usually seeds are used by researchers to create new varieties. Each fruit contains over 1000 seeds.
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many great Benefits of Apples fruit

many great Benefits of Apples fruit
many great Benefits of Apples fruit
Eating healthy foods like fruit are highly recommended. The fruits that you can embed in your daily healthy menu is apple.
Shiny-skinned fruit and it turned out to save a lot of amazing health benefits for your body. As quoted from pages Shine, know the health benefits of apples:

1. They Slow Food

Packed with five grams of fiber is able to meet 20 percent of the value of your daily nutritional intake. Crunchy texture of the fruit which can force you to try to chew. This activity is useful as a substitute for facial gymnastics.
In addition, a natural sweetener in apple can enter the bloodstream gradually, helping maintain blood sugar and insulin levels stable so you feel full longer.

2. Protecting the Lungs and Prevent Asthma

Based on research developed from the United Kingdom stated, women who eat apples regularly during pregnancy may provide health benefits to infants who will birth.
In addition, the consumption of apples can prevent children developing asthma when he reached five years. It also can protect the lungs of adults, lowering the risk of asthma, lung cancer and other diseases.

3. Cholesterol scraper

Thanks to two key components, pectin (a type of fiber) and polyphenols (powerful antioxidants), apples can take to reduce blood cholesterol levels and preventing oxidation of LDL ("bad") cholesterol, a chemical process that converts into artery clogging plaque.
The trick to maximize its benefits, do not discard the skin, apple skin has two to six times the antioxidant compounds such as meat.

4. Against Cancer

Lab studies have shown that some compounds in the fruit juicy and crisp flesh is capable of killing cancer cell growth. However, efficacy will work best if the fruit is consumed as a whole.

People who chew more than one day more, low-risk cancer, from cancer of the mouth, esophagus, colon, breast, ovary, prostate, and others. The Italian empirically predicted, those who eat apples regularly can prevent this deadly disease 42 percent.

5. Preventing senile Days Later

Maybe because they increase production of acetylcholine, a chemical that transmits messages between nerve cells, so that the content of apples is able to maintain the sharpness of brain as you age, increase memory, and potentially reduce the chances of getting Alzheimer's disease.
Recent research has been proved by researchers from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell.
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