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Soya beans benefits for health

Soya beans benefits for health. Soya beans are also known as Glycine max is one of seven "super foods" in the world.
Residents in the eastern region, particularly the Chinese community started using soy as a health food since 5000 years ago in which tofu and soy milk are soy products popular among Chinese people.
Soybean is a "Functional Food" is the most widely studied of the 80's and 90's. Many of the positive scientific findings prove that soybeans and soy protein can enhance the quality of life without causing harmful side effects. Among the advantages attributed to the soybean and soy protein is as follow

I. Reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by controlling cholesterol levels in the body of 7s and 11s soy peptide in which the drugs act as "statins", but without the side effects of medication.
II. Isoflavin soy is believed to enhance breast health and the prevention of breast and uterine cancers, strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis by reducing calcium loss mechanisms in the bones, overcoming the problem of off-menstrual symptoms.
III. Soy lecithin can accelerate blood circulation, detoxification of wastes in the cells, mengemusi fat in foods, improve kidney function, heart and liver and can cure and prevent aging of skin pigmentation.
IV. Content of essential amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, folic acid, iron and calcium, according to all women as the main protein supplement to prevent anemia and reduce health problems. In addition, aging can be slowed.
V. Complex sugar and "oligosaccaride" in soybeans to improve constipation and also as a major food probiotics in the large intestine and colon health by preventing us from colon cancer.
Although soy has many features that stimulate optimum health, you must be careful when making brand choices in the market.Soya beans benefits for healthHow to choose soy supplements the best on the market?
Must ensure the goods are free of toxins and "heavy metals", bacteria, fungi and aflatoxin and pesticides.
# Soy products sensitive to contamination, so it must be processed at the plant recognized HACCP (RVA) and ISO9001: 2000 (UKAS), can be said is safe for consumption.
# Make sure the soy is free daripadaUrinase enzyme that does not cause problems with gout.
# Make sure that the ratio of protein to carbohydrates is in the range 0.6-1.0 that does not make you fat, or produce a burden to the kidney function.
# Make sure the product is "wholesome" and not just the soy protein isolate alone.
# Make sure it is rich in essential amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, and potassium nutrients.
# Make sure it is free of "thickener" and artificial flavors.
In conclusion, the health benefits of soy beans are good. However, you must ensure that the security features of products before they are used for the long term.
MESSAGE: Acquisition of homemade soy milk is not recommended because most likely you will be exposed to the negative effects of unwanted soybeans.
(Kim, Lin-Keong (2005), Women and Health Soybean. Rapi Magazine, October 1, 2005 edition, number 29)

Benefits of soy for women
Benefits of soy protein can be equal to two times the protein of meat, eggs four times, four times the wheat, bread, five or six times and twelve times the milk. The study also found that soy protein is not only high, but good quality. Soya beans may help the needs of women, which are, soybean brain development, further enhancing the body's metabolism rate of fiber contained in it helps control body weight. It is also good to avoid being 'hot flashes' before menapous and help prevent cancer and anemia.
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If you like to drink water and soy by own, do not cast skin rubish . Dry skin rubish and store in airtight container. To use it take a few tablespoons of the cake and mix with warm water. Scouring and scouring the entire body while bathing. As a result, the body is clean, smooth and bright. Waste can also be mixed with egg white to make a face powder. The result of course you are amazing.

Apple benefits for health

Apple benefits for health. Apple flavor really well known. In fact, juice is also very popular. Benefits of green apples more closely in helping the digestion and weight loss. Green apples and red apples, both are equally important in terms of usefulness to the body.
The practice of eating or drinking apple juice every day to supply enough nutrients to reduce cholesterol in the body. Studies show that apples contain elements of healthy phytonutrients that may slow down the oxidation of bad cholesterol which is a process that plays a role in the growth of heart disease.
Children who ate fast food and then eating or drinking apple juice actually balance the return and prevent the nutrient content of fat in the body.Apple benefits for health
The best ways to process apple
1) Wash apples and cut into 2 parts
2) Remove the end of the two parts of a V.
3) Cut the apple into four parts. Perform the same technique to another part of the apple one.
4) Get rid of the apple is the center that contains the seeds.
5) lemon juice to get the juice of 1 / 4 cup. Mix with cold water.
6) Soak all the fruit has been cut for 15 minutes, then let them drain.
7) cut apples ready to be served without blemish.
Make sure you use a sharp-edged knife to cut vegetables and fruits. Dull or damaged blade will cause more rapid damage to the fruit or vegetable is cut. Ideally to avoid cutting blades for cutting fruit and other raw materials.

mushroom benefit for our healthy

mushroom benefit for our healthy. In Malaysia, there are only 10 people mushroom expert, if the numbers higher, it is possible to boost the economy and not rely solely on imported mushrooms from China.
Imagine that in China alone there are over 100 research centers mushrooms.
Our country only produces 24.000 kg of mushrooms, while the actual demand is 50,000 kg.
If the cultivation of mushrooms to be commercialized yet we do not have to import it. Moreover, the addition of a new research center may be able to produce new discoveries mushroom nutrition.
Original unique mushroom. He said France was discovered by villagers as a source of food and medicine to the hundreds of years ago. They are buried in the cave because the plant requires a moist and cool temperatures.
Even the early Chinese historical records show mushrooms used in traditional medicine and classical Chinese painting. The appliance also has a pattern of imperial greatness of mushrooms.
Mold is actually a lot of nutrients from the medical angle.
mushroom benefit for our healthyIt could cure a cough, treat gastric and blood pressure because it is rich in iron, minerals and amino acids and antioxidants.
Now there are an estimated 15.000 species of mushrooms are 1.5 million fungus exists. But there are hundreds of thousands more that have not been found and has no name.
Talking about mushrooms commercialism in the future, it is possible there is ice cream and chocolate mushroom mushrooms sold in the market.
If there is now a mushroom drinks in cans, it is possible no longer a child can feel the passion for ice cream mold.
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Lime fruit juice benefit

me fruit juice benefit. Orange juice is believed to come from India or Southeast Asia and Myanmar. Now it is cultivated in almost all tropical and subtropical regions.

Lime is usually grown in Southeast Asia tut. In other areas, the seeds are used as seed. Orange juice can also reproduce through grafting, but rarely do.
Lime in accordance with the hot and humid climate. Can grown on different soil types but are more suitable for planting in the sandy loam soil types.

Lime fruit is small and round or oval types of berries, measuring 2.5cm - 5 cm in diameter. The skin is shiny and smooth and its contents yellowish green, juicy, but sour. Lime fruit smells fragrant.Lime fruit juice benefitProperty
Lime fruit juice kills bacteria dysentery, cholera and typhoid. Citric acid contained in the lime effectively remove fat and lose weight. Sitriknya acid can also be used to relieve stomach and digestive health. Orange juice contains vitamin A.

Friday, November 26, 2010

avoid for Night Snacking Desire

avoid for Night Snacking Desire
Do you have a habit eat snack in the middle of the night? Do you realize that it can disrupt the activity program slimming diet and exercise.
Midnight snacking habits of potential triggers weight gain. This is because your metabolism decreases when the night. Food that enters the body is not burned into energy, but stored as fat.

tips from profesional - To curb the desire to snack at night, try to follow the following five tricks.

eat enough food during the day
Fulfill your desire to eat during the day until full. Choose healthy and nutritious foods, like salad, nuts and low calorie foods. Eat little but often, because it will make full longer. Do not be afraid to eat the night, simply, reduce the amount of carbohydrate.

Toothbrush act
It may sound strange, but this trick worked quite well. Usually you will be lazy to eat again after a toothbrush.
avoid for Night Snacking Desire
Avoid temptation
Avoid passing the road, where mini subscription. When at home, avoid also view or open a cupboard to store food. By not see food, you can resist the desire to snack.
make a Gossip
Divert your attention by calling a friend or chatting. Talk about exciting gossip, so focus your attention not on food. This is quite effective in suppressing the desire to find a snack.
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Drinking Bottle is Watched in European

Drinking Bottle is Watched in European
European Union (EU) banned the sale of baby bottles containing drinks for Bisphenol-A (BPA), Thursday, November 25, 2010. Because the chemicals can be harmful to children's health.
According to the page the Montreal Gazette, the decision of the European Commission that will take effect next year. "Parents throughout the European Union can be sure that from mid-2011 for babies drink bottles made of plastic will not contain BPA," said John Dalli, EU Commissioner of Health and Consumer Policy.
The decision of the EU's executive agency does not need to be approved by the European Parliament last June because they contain BPA has been declared dangerous to the health of children.
The ban was the culmination of months of discussions between the European Commission, the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA), EU member states, and industry.
Previously, Canada became the first country in the world last October classify BPA as a toxic material, despite opposition from industry players.
Drinking Bottle is Watched in EuropeanIn Europe, only two countries to unilaterally ban the drink baby bottles that contain hazardous. They are France and Denmark. Even Denmark is now trying to ban the sale of all foods that contain chemicals that for consumption of children aged up to three years.
According to the experts, the content of BPA actually be safely used in very small levels. But the claim still needs further testing.
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

drinking and eating while standing is not healthy

drinking and eating while standing is not healthy
health logic, if we alcohol while sitting, the baptize we alcohol will be buried by the sphincter. Sphincter is a anatomy maskuler (muscular) that can be opened (so that urine can pass) and close. Any baptize we alcohol will be provided at stations amid in the branch filtration.
drinking and eating while standing is not healthy
drinking and eating while standing is not healthy
Well if we drank standing, the baptize we alcohol after filtered aback beeline to the float consistent in the degradation disaluran ureter. Wastes (precipitation) that menyisa diureter These crystals can account branch ache which is one of the alarming branch disease. One of the affection are difficult to urinate.

The fix for this problem:

1. Get acclimated to alcohol while sitting.
2. Alcohol affluence of water.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

High Fiber, Dragon Fruit tie the Fat

dragonfruit BENEFIT.
have High Fiber, Dragon Fruit tie the Fat. FRUIT dragon is believed to cure various diseases. Because of his usefulness, the current fan dragon fruit grows. "Almost the same nutritional value of vegetables and other fruits," said Eko Dwi Martini DCN, nutritionist dr Soetomo.
Nutritional composition per 100 grams of flesh dragon fruit contains 0.16 to 0.23 grams of protein, fiber from 0.7 to 0.9 grams, 0.005 to 0.012 micrograms of beta-carotene, Vitamin C 8-9 grams, and vitamin B1 0.28-0 , 30 micrograms. "Besides, dragon fruit contains calcium, phosphorus, and iron," he added.
Dragon fruit fiber plays in lowering cholesterol levels. How, fiber will bind bile acids (end products of cholesterol) in the gastrointestinal tract and then removed with the feces. "The higher consumption of fiber, the more bile acids and fats are removed the body," he explained.
Eko suggested, diabetes (people with diabetes) eating dragon fruit regularly at least 13 grams per day. It was at once steps to keep blood cholesterol levels.
Beta-carotene is also very useful in the process of vision, reproduction, and other metabolism. Including the antioxidant beta-carotene. In effect, preventing cancer, especially skin and lung cancer.
There are two types of dragon fruit. There is a fleshy white and red. "People believe the red dragon fruit is more potent than the white. This assumption was not proven because the nutritional content is relatively the same, "he added. (uji).

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Coffee is the most sold in the world

Coffee is the most sold in the world

Initially, coffee was always a small bush Ethiopia. According to legend, which is about 850 AD, a visiting professor of Arabic shepherd his flock of goats, curious. When the sample of his goats ate the berries, felt my feet again, he saved some of the fruit and was a sort of evangelist for coffee. Finally, the cultivation of coffee began in a farm south Initially, coffee was always a small bush Ethiopia. According to legend, which is about 850 AD, a visiting professor of Arabic shepherd his flock of goats, curious. When the sample of his goats ate the berries, felt my feet again, he saved some of the fruit and was a sort of evangelist for coffee. Finally, coffee cultivation began on a farm in southern Arabia, and from there the beans to Europe.Coffee is the most sold in the world

Although coffee was practically unknown in Europe at the beginning of 1600, 1700, there were 2,000 European coffees. Thank you to high taxes, and the Boston Tea Party tea, in short, Americans and coffee drinkers. coffee cultivation began in Hawaii in 1825. Today, coffee is consumed in about a third of the world population. Two types of coffee, Coffea arabica and Coffea canephora, supply most of the breaststroke. Arabica beans are more flavorful and aromatic that have been developed and Latin America, the Caribbean and Indonesia. The cheaper robusta (canephora a crowd) has increased, particularly in Africa, and for instant coffee.
Coffee is the most sold in the world, but each grain is still harvested by hand. Since the zoo has a few coffee lovers, it is natural that coffee plants are part of our collection. You can see trees Coffea arabica in tropical countries and have Kopje gorilla. Most people think the rich aroma and coffee, when they think. But the plant also has wonderful fragrant flowers.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Dragon fruit was developed in large companies

Dragon fruit was developed in large companies

Fresh dragon fruit has become a specialty of the region and often dessert stations and resort hotels in the city. In addition, holiday clubs dragon fruit, the preparation of dishes in your kitchen and garden tours of other fruit dragons. Guided tours help travelers better understand the fruit and the farmers, how they develop.
Whatever the season, is confident that visitors will see a bunch of kites baskets of fruit for sale in small apartments on the way to the square of the town of Phan Thiet Vietnam (Vietnam in the locality.)RED Dragon fruit WHITE
According to residents, was the dragon fruit in the region for nearly 30 years. TautanCitizens First developed for the ancestors of fruits and spectacular scenery of his appearance.
Today, people in countries recognize the economic potential of fruits and kites were developed, the huge production.
Dragon fruit has now evolved into big business through thousands of hectares throughout the region. The earth dragon fruit has its own brand, and across the country and the world.
According to local farmers, the best season dragon fruit is traditionally between March and August. But with the help of technology, farmers can now grow fruit all year, so we often see the light that shines in the orchards of dragons on the runway the night of Mui Ne, Vietnam.