Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lime fruit juice benefit

me fruit juice benefit. Orange juice is believed to come from India or Southeast Asia and Myanmar. Now it is cultivated in almost all tropical and subtropical regions.

Lime is usually grown in Southeast Asia tut. In other areas, the seeds are used as seed. Orange juice can also reproduce through grafting, but rarely do.
Lime in accordance with the hot and humid climate. Can grown on different soil types but are more suitable for planting in the sandy loam soil types.

Lime fruit is small and round or oval types of berries, measuring 2.5cm - 5 cm in diameter. The skin is shiny and smooth and its contents yellowish green, juicy, but sour. Lime fruit smells fragrant.Lime fruit juice benefitProperty
Lime fruit juice kills bacteria dysentery, cholera and typhoid. Citric acid contained in the lime effectively remove fat and lose weight. Sitriknya acid can also be used to relieve stomach and digestive health. Orange juice contains vitamin A.