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Soya beans benefits for health

Soya beans benefits for health. Soya beans are also known as Glycine max is one of seven "super foods" in the world.
Residents in the eastern region, particularly the Chinese community started using soy as a health food since 5000 years ago in which tofu and soy milk are soy products popular among Chinese people.
Soybean is a "Functional Food" is the most widely studied of the 80's and 90's. Many of the positive scientific findings prove that soybeans and soy protein can enhance the quality of life without causing harmful side effects. Among the advantages attributed to the soybean and soy protein is as follow

I. Reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by controlling cholesterol levels in the body of 7s and 11s soy peptide in which the drugs act as "statins", but without the side effects of medication.
II. Isoflavin soy is believed to enhance breast health and the prevention of breast and uterine cancers, strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis by reducing calcium loss mechanisms in the bones, overcoming the problem of off-menstrual symptoms.
III. Soy lecithin can accelerate blood circulation, detoxification of wastes in the cells, mengemusi fat in foods, improve kidney function, heart and liver and can cure and prevent aging of skin pigmentation.
IV. Content of essential amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, folic acid, iron and calcium, according to all women as the main protein supplement to prevent anemia and reduce health problems. In addition, aging can be slowed.
V. Complex sugar and "oligosaccaride" in soybeans to improve constipation and also as a major food probiotics in the large intestine and colon health by preventing us from colon cancer.
Although soy has many features that stimulate optimum health, you must be careful when making brand choices in the market.Soya beans benefits for healthHow to choose soy supplements the best on the market?
Must ensure the goods are free of toxins and "heavy metals", bacteria, fungi and aflatoxin and pesticides.
# Soy products sensitive to contamination, so it must be processed at the plant recognized HACCP (RVA) and ISO9001: 2000 (UKAS), can be said is safe for consumption.
# Make sure the soy is free daripadaUrinase enzyme that does not cause problems with gout.
# Make sure that the ratio of protein to carbohydrates is in the range 0.6-1.0 that does not make you fat, or produce a burden to the kidney function.
# Make sure the product is "wholesome" and not just the soy protein isolate alone.
# Make sure it is rich in essential amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, and potassium nutrients.
# Make sure it is free of "thickener" and artificial flavors.
In conclusion, the health benefits of soy beans are good. However, you must ensure that the security features of products before they are used for the long term.
MESSAGE: Acquisition of homemade soy milk is not recommended because most likely you will be exposed to the negative effects of unwanted soybeans.
(Kim, Lin-Keong (2005), Women and Health Soybean. Rapi Magazine, October 1, 2005 edition, number 29)

Benefits of soy for women
Benefits of soy protein can be equal to two times the protein of meat, eggs four times, four times the wheat, bread, five or six times and twelve times the milk. The study also found that soy protein is not only high, but good quality. Soya beans may help the needs of women, which are, soybean brain development, further enhancing the body's metabolism rate of fiber contained in it helps control body weight. It is also good to avoid being 'hot flashes' before menapous and help prevent cancer and anemia.
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If you like to drink water and soy by own, do not cast skin rubish . Dry skin rubish and store in airtight container. To use it take a few tablespoons of the cake and mix with warm water. Scouring and scouring the entire body while bathing. As a result, the body is clean, smooth and bright. Waste can also be mixed with egg white to make a face powder. The result of course you are amazing.