Wednesday, December 29, 2010

benefits Honey Tips & nutrition food

benefits Honey Tips & nutrition foodbenefits Honey Tips & nutrition food Here are some nutritional tips & Honey Tip
1: To Get Child
Ingredients 1-3 Review of Onions
2-1 chicken eggs

3 - Honey to taste

All materials had to be eaten in the morning as breakfast, before it should drink plenty of warm water that had been stored overnight, as was done by the Prophet's Read invocation before drinking the water.
Tip 2-stroke to overcome the problem, common in the stomach
1 - Honey Bee

2 - Red Onion

3 - Halba

Shallot until finely ground to be, then the water milked. Halba be crushed and boiled until soft. both madu.Ramuan be added to this drink every morning.
Tip 3 - To stabilize the Inner Energy

1 - Honey Bee

2 - Red Onion Honey and boil until the onion smell onion lost. The mixture should be consumed one tablespoon per day after eating. Amount of honey and shallots should be in the syllabus the same.