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healthy gourd fruit benefits

healthy gourd fruit benefits
healthy gourd fruit benefits# Fruit or botanical name gourd Benincasa hispida (thunb.) Cogn.
# Name the other is G. Benincasa cerifera Savi.
# In Malaysia gourd fruit is also known to beligu.
# The Java recognize the name or belonceng beligo.
# English name for the gourd is the wax gourd, white gourd and ash gourd. The word refers to a variety of gourd fruit in the Cucurbitaceae family, such as bitter melon (bitter gourd), pumpkin (gourd musky), pumpkin, water (bottle gourd) and so forth. The word white wax and white ash dust reference found on the skin of the fruit gourd.
Among the people of China, the fruit is called tung kua significant winter squash. This is because the old gourd fruit can be stored in a very long period. That is why the fruit is still fresh gourd can also be obtained in the winter. Scientists believe there is a wild gourd plants originally found in Japan and Java.
However, in Malaysia there are no wild gourd. Therefore, the gourd is widely cultivated in areas that are not too humid as in Malaysia.
Kundur is usually planted with bijidan will produce results in 4-5 months time. Gourd fruit is available in various forms. There are round, but the base and ends flat, round like a ball and there is a long cylinder. Long cylindrical fruit types can be stored for up to a year after harvest.
In Malaysia there are the Chinese winter melon, and Kundur Java. Chinese gourd gourd Java berkulilt berbulu.Akar smooth while the fruit is to hold a variety of diseases arising from the soil. These features give rise to the idea of mencatumkan honey melon or melon gourd with a stick so that it is less sick.
Gourd fruit is ripe can be eaten raw but is more commonly cooked as a vegetable or cooked with meat to add keenakannya. Fill the gourd fruit ripe fruit is not bad compared to the young or half-ripe gourd. Contents suitable to make a soup.
Among the Chinese people, normal winter melon pulp made candy or sweet pickles. Gourd fruit was found to contain 97% water and some minerals and vitamins, starch, alkaloids cucurbitine type, resin acids, protein types of myosin and vitellin, seta sugar.
Actually, according to the gourd fruit to eat to relieve thirst and urination stimulant. Young leaves, flower buds and young fruit can be cooked. In the past, the outer skin of the fruit used to make wax gourd.
In terms of health units were found to have cooling properties. The leaves are used as drugs for the same purpose fertilizer. Gourd fruit may help cure some diseases, like gonorrhea and epilepsy.
In China, the fruit skin, pulp, juice and gourd seeds are used as drugs to stimulate urination and defecation, cure fever, hemorrhoids, bruising or swelling, tonic, intestinal pain, kidney disease, diabetes, dropsy (reservoir water in the body) and weak nodes.
Ash gourd seeds used to treat gonorrhea, while ash rind wounds to the disease.
Philippine Society for fresh cooked winter melon fruit syrups and medications used for respiratory problems and lung. Water gourd is also available as an eye wash of red and swollen.