Friday, February 11, 2011

The natural way ideas food to Eliminates arteries

The natural way ideas food to Eliminates arteriesThe natural way ideas to Eliminates arteries
Was the first thing in mind, if a person of atherosclerosis or atherosclerosis "How is eliminated done arteries?" Surgery is the primary intervention in severe cases. Other options include less invasive techniques such as intravenous chelation therapy, balloon angioplasty and angiography. These procedures are often prescribed by the doctor. But did you know that can help Unclog and red if symptoms of arteries just right at our own home blocked? Here is how it is done.

Homemade treatments for removed arteries are the following:

1. Garlic - it is the world's most powerful food. 1 To 3 eat garlic cloves a day raw or half-cooked. Studies have shown that regular garlic consumption can lower cholesterol in the blood from 10-30% and can help to clean the arterial walls. Garlic can be used as a natural treatment for people with high blood pressure or hypertension. What's good about it, you can add it to your daily recipes and make a habit you do it every day.

2. Grape - seed and skin of the grapes is really good for the heart and the general health of the individual. Made from 100% whole grapes juice can be very effective in cleaning the arterial walls. Grapes contain Flavinoids very well in preventing cholesterol from sticking or accumulate in the blood vessels, making blood clots, inflammation and thrombosis.

3. Cherries - this tasty and delicious small fruit contains 17 powerful connections facilitated fixed in the arterial walls. These connections are also responsible for the cherry red colour.

4. Strawberry - like cherries, contain multiple connections, cholesterol levels and helps, delete your arterial walls can reduce. Strawberries can be a natural antioxidant, it's good for the overall health of the individual. Eliminates arteries with this delicious fruit present.

5. Sweet potatoes - is rich in fibers to lower blood cholesterol levels. It contains beta carotene and connections that can disable the arterial walls.

6. Green tea - this antioxidant generally came from China and was ancient in traditional medicine uses. A cup daily a 100% natural green tea helps prevent clot formation. This is found due to the Procyanidins, a powerful connection in this tea.

7. Olive oil - olive oil is rich in fatty acids such as Omega 3 which prevents inflammatory properties of Omega-6 can be seen in vegetable oils. Bad cholesterol or LDL in olive oil is easily oxidized as other oils. Only those who are able to stay in the arterial walls oxidised cholesterol.

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