Sunday, February 6, 2011

herbal plant Pennywort benefits for health

herbal plant Pennywort benefits for health
herbal plant Pennywort benefits for healthPennywort or scientific name Centella asiatica is a medicinal plant that is easily recognizable, and found growing wild in rural areas.
It is a creeping herbaceous plant, grows in damp and shady places.
There are various types of pennywort are available on the market as a leafy little lady pennywort, pennywort broadleaf, kelantan, shrubs and salad.
First pennywort is eaten by villagers and thus its usefulness is extremely limited.
In addition to medical purposes, pennywort usually made to be eaten raw or cooked stew.
Malay community as a side dish usually made with chili pennywort and rice.
In Sri Lanka also made porridge pennywort and given the pre-school children to prevent nutritional deficiencies.
Now people increasingly aware of pennywort plant nutrients on getting a hit among consumers.
All types of pennywort has nutrients such as protein, fiber, iron, vitamain A and C.
Centella is known to refresh the body healthy, taking care of fainting, losing weight, AWT young, care after childbirth, improve mental fitness, increase physical strength, smooth voice, nyayuk treat, control and lubricate hair and skin healthy.
In traditional medicine, the pennywort to treat wounds or skin ulcers, heal-kan fever, blood circulation, and so forth. Pennywort drink tonic also can prevent the aging process.
Centella is also believed to be able to slow the skin wrinkles, heal ulcers and stomach or intestinal disease.
Usually taken in fresh pennywort sebagaiulaman, drink to cool the body and a tonic for the brain fitness.
Taking a fresh pennywort require continuous supply of raw materials.
Hence the best alternative is to produce a variety of processed products with high quality pennywort and can be stored in a long time.
These products can be enjoyed at all times by all communities.
The study conducted by researchers at the Institute of Agricultural Development education Malaysia (MARDI), Faridah Hussin has resulted pennywort drink consisting of four kinds of drinks pennywort pennywort drink, drink ginger pennywort, pennywort drink honey and ginger pennywort drink honey.
He has successfully developed a technology for pennywort pretreatment with a solution of salt in a very low percentage.
This percentage has succeeded in stabilizing the chlorophyll which is sensitive to the processing and storage because it will change color from green to brownish green.
In the production of these products, fresh pennywort added ground ginger, or just the percentage that was determined and mixed with a little salt.
Then pennywort juice is filtered and the extract is mixed with honey, citric acid, a natural food stabilizer and adding water until the volume is set.