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perfect wife is who expert in cook

perfect wife is who expert in cookperfect wife is who expert in cook
we must be remember for sexy girl who like to cook like FARAH QUEEN.
What qualities should have the women to be the perfect wife? Researchers from Germany managed to find 'formula'nya.
The German psychologist interviewed the man who had married and aged 25-60 years. These men are asked to mention the quality of what it must be owned by a wife.
From the results of the study was obtained three basic qualities that should be owned by a woman to be the perfect wife. Here's the list as quoted in Genius Beauty.
First, women must be adept at cooking also cleaned the house. Because according to him, it is quite important to preserve the integrity of the household.
In addition, men also like women who can maintain his dignity in front of people, but be very sexy in front of her husband. Men want their wives to look nice just for her sake.
Finally, men also like women who adored him. Men love to be praised and admired by the woman he loves.
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