Friday, January 7, 2011

food Impact Calming of Red Meat

food Impact Calming of Red Meat
today healthyfood- RED MEAT. What recent husband begins often look unsettled and irritable every time after work. It may be that change is occurring because of the higher working pressure. Do not worry, there is an easy way to soothe my dear husband. Try it now serves cuisines from red meat at the dinner table. Make no mistake, it turns the meat has a positive effect that can soothe.
food Impact Calming of Red MeatThis calming effect was found after conducting a study led by psychologist, Frank Kachanoff. This finding is certainly contrary to the myth that red meat can make people act aggressively. As reported by Zee News, Kachanoff involving about 82 people in this study. Then they were asked to observe a number of different images, including red meat. After that, each participant was asked to explain their feelings after viewing the photographs meat earlier. Those who see images of red meat, will be more quiet, than who do not see it. Scientific explanation of this research is that red meat would be associated with a family dinner menu. Participants recalled the warmth of the family in times of eating red meat together. This is the reason why red meat has a calming effect. "That makes sense. Red meat has a calming effect, even just looking at it. That's because often there is this menu in the menu the night with family, especially on holidays," said Kachanoff, as quoted from the Health Mad. Kacahnoff added, "The warmth of a family while eating red meat, it will eventually stimulate the emergence of a calming effect." (Pet)
BUT even this meat is healthy we must do not to consumted that to much.
or we must order HEALTH INSURANCE or hospital for avoid dangerous if we consumted to much. because it will be disturb our healthy.
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