Saturday, July 24, 2010

no risk of prostate cancer from drinking coffee

no risk of prostate cancer from drinking coffee
Tip From proffesional - drink coffe vs prostate prostate cancer risk
no risk of prostate cancer from drinking coffee

Coffee lovers need not worry anymore annoying hobby sipped his prostate health. Reports of recent studies show no link between coffee with prostate cancer risk.
In an analysis of dozens of studies on coffee habits and risk of prostate cancer, the researchers concluded not find strong enough evidence of coffee with the disease so that the specter of men.
Previously, several studies suggest an association between coffee drinking habits with some cancers, although there are some studies that mention the coffee actually reduces the risk of cancer. In a study published last month for example, found that coffee reduces the risk of cancer in the head and neck.
Meanwhile, studies on coffee and prostate cancer did not show a convincing conclusion. Because there are studies showing the link, but there are also studies that say drinking coffee does not affect the appearance of prostate cancer.
In the analysis of studies conducted in South Korea this adari team mentioned that so far found no firm evidence. In fact, caffeine in the KPI has positive and negative effects on cancer risk. In the study of animal experiments it was found caffeine actually suppress tumor growth.
Instead of braking coffee habit, experts recommended ways to reduce your risk of this disease. Among others, lowering cholesterol, reducing fat intake, multiply the vegetables, and limiting alcohol.
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