Thursday, July 29, 2010

healthy fruit - benefit noni fruit - mengkudu

healthy fruit - benefit noni fruit - mengkudu fruithealthy fruit - benefit noni fruit - mengkudu fruit
Originated from wild plants, ugly and smelled rotten, noni are now rising prestige of the food, beverage and alternative herbal medicine. Not delicacy of taste, but because of the many benefits for health.
According to Pacific Journal of Science (1949), noni (Morinda citrifolia L) probably originated from Indonesia. Plants are also known as Pace or noni fruit, the shape of a pear. Green when young and yellowish-white change if begin to mature. Other traits, the fruit skin surface nod and eyes filled with blackish brown, very sour taste with a distinctive aroma is very sharp when the old and mature. Not unexpectedly, the plant is known as wild plants, ugly and foul-smelling, now changed into a fruit "miraculous" that many in the search. The popularity of noni research is inseparable from several studies. The result was unexpected, substances contained in the noni is very beneficial for the health aspect.
Benefits of noni fruit has been known to humans since 2000 years ago. Polynesian islanders, Chinese and Indians who first take advantage of special features. Furthermore, this knowledge spread to Australia, Tahiti, Canada, Malaysia and finally to Indonesia.
In Indonesia, especially in rural communities has actually been taking noni long ago. Javanese people familiar with the duck salad which one is the fruit of this material, while the young leaves of some people to process the material to be eaten raw as a vegetable or fresh vegetables. Only in the 1990s noni more widely known. The popularity of noni success can not be separated from the Bogor Institute of Food Business Review (LPBP), an institute researcher who examined the first Indonesian to human health benefits of noni.
Compounds containing efficacious medicine
If you want to get the maximum benefits of the noni fruit, the consumption of fruit that are old or mature, more mature research results show the beneficial substances that are growing. Among the content of anthraquinone compounds as anti-bacteria and fungi, turpentine rejuvenate the body cells to function, dammacanthel that can prevent cancer cell growth and fight the growth of abnormal cells in the pre-stage cancer. Fruit water content within this 52% also store a variety of vitamins, including ascorbic acid, acid kaproat, kaprik acid and caprylic acid which can ward off cancer-causing free radicals.
The popularity of noni are now growing worldwide, especially after Dr. Solomon Heil doing therapy to 8000 patients. The results were very encouraging, giving noni juice provides a continuous positive correlation to cure cancer, heart disease, control hypertension, digestive disorders, diabetes and stroke. Besides noni juice is also believed to increase endurance and stamina and help cure tuberculosis (TB). Noni is also rich in fiber is good for digestive tract health. The many benefits of noni owned, so worthy that the scientists dubbed it as the Magic Fruit aka the magical fruit.
Noni Product Range
Many people are not like the smell of noni as stinking and sour taste. Do not worry, this time a variety of products like noni many outstanding results in the market. Starting from a wide taste of noni juice, noni tablets until the form of capsules we can easily get. Even not only that, body care products and cosmetics such as shampoo, soap, body lotion etc are also using mulberry raw materials.
Create you who like to consume fresh noni, the following tips can help reduce the unpleasant smell of noni and sour taste. Combine juice / noni juice that has been filtered, with brown sugar or honey. Store in the place clean, cool and sealed for 2-4 days, and then ready to drink juice without the stinging stench becomes sweet and fresh taste. This storage process will parse the ascorbic acid, and kaprik kaproat causes stink. But keep in mind, do not store it too long because it will cause the formation of an alcohol compound a drunk.