Friday, April 9, 2010

One Week Down One Kilogram

One Week Down One Kilogram
Who says well-balanced nutrition calculation yielded only a monotonous cuisine with a bland taste? Food catering provided by White Lotus for example, give a different variation of most of the menu catering menu "diet" other.
The target of this caterer is that they're dieting, wanting to lose weight, or those who want to go back through a healthy lifestyle, following the doctor's treatment or being diagnosed with certain diseases.
Jenny Poespita, CEO and founder of White Lotus, reveals the secret why their menu is claimed to be healthy and subscription figures like Hermawan Kertajaya, Dahlan Iskan, and Francis Wanandi. To provide delicious and healthy menu is the same with the diet of people who have no health problems. They still use the technique of how to cook with frying, sauteing, boiling, or steaming. However, cooking materials, tools, and the seasoning they used to have a certain strandar.

For their cooking materials do not always use organic ingredients that tend to expensive. But they cooperated with the Ranch Market already HCCp certificate, or certificate of food safety. They also do not use teflon for cooking, but stainless steel with special thickness. White Lotus also does not include flavoring dishes to enhance flavor.
People with high blood pressure and diabetes often have foods such as fried rice abstinence goats. But for the White Lotus, they can still eat this menu without having to worry about their disease will recur. For catering uses brown rice and mutton age 5 months, and olive oil for frying.
"They are in the Middle East almost daily eating goat meat, but not all high blood esophageal or stroke. The secret is in the age of the meat that is used so that the fat a bit," said Jenny, after the launch of "Healthy Menu Innovative" at the Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, Jakarta , Wednesday (7/4/2010) ago.
For customers who want to lower cholesterol, the White Lotus will request reports the results of medical check ups or blood tests. During eating food from the caterer, the customer will be monitored once a week, blood sugar and cholesterol.
"It's our clients who earlier his blood sugar 300, but after taking the 1-month fell to 140," explained Jenny.
For customers who undergo a diet program or weight loss should generally be doing their body weight. But those who want to lose weight with age in the range of 50 years required to report medical check up. Because with this program they will lose weight 10 percent per week, or about 1 kg per week. If age is advanced, a drastic decrease in the body is feared will bring adverse effects.
Menu prepared by the White Lotus you can find the price of USD 5-8 million per month for a slimming program, and USD 3-8 million per month for a healthy diet program. This price represents a complete menu (appetizer, main course, dessert) twice, ie in the afternoon and evening (or night).
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