Sunday, April 4, 2010

how to Identifying Organic Products

Identifying Organic Products
You may often hear the benefits of organic agricultural products. What's the difference with ordinary agricultural products?
Conventional agriculture
- Accelerating the growth of plants using fertilizer made from a substance produced through a chemical process.
- Use of synthetic insecticides to repel pests and diseases.
- Using herbicides to overcome weeds.
- Allow giving substance livestock antibiotics, growth hormones, and drugs to prevent diseases and hyper growth.
- As organic farming, livestock also provide a balanced diet and a clean cage to minimize disease.

Organic Farming
- Use natural fertilizers such as compost to feed soil and plants
- Using beneficial insects and birds, or set traps to reduce pests and diseases. If the pest is difficult to control, use of new pesticides from natural materials
- Weeding by hand
- Provide livestock organically grown foods, vitamin and mineral supplements as well. Allowing livestock to the streets outside. Provides prevention, such as a balanced diet, clean cages. Organic livestock also be vaccinated to prevent infectious diseases.

Tip utilizing conventional and organic crops:
1. Buy fruit and vegetables when in season arrives, so you can get the most of their nutrition. Buy a new product coming to ensure freshness. Ask when the product is arriving in stores.
2. Read labels carefully. Just because a product is claimed to be organic, it does not mean a healthy pregnancy. Organic products still contain some sugar, salt, fat, or high calorie.
3. Wash all fresh fruits and vegetables under running water to reduce dirt and bacteria. If possible, scrub with a soft brush. Before you eat an apple or a cucumber for instance, scrub with a brush.
4. Peel the skin of fruit and vegetables if you're concerned about pesticide content is still there. Trim the outer leaves and wash vegetables.
5. Pesticide residues in fat are also collected. Therefore, get rid of fat from meat or skin from chicken and fish to prevent the accumulation of pesticides in our bodies.