Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Basic Kitchen Seasoning and Spices

What is flavor without spices and seasoning? From zesty American to Malaysian cuisine, be wowed by the vast number of seasoning and spices that make our culinary world bursting with flavors. Making all the fundamental seasoning ingredients handy at kitchen, you can add more than an epicurean touches to dishes at any time when you have a sudden whim for cooking. Take a sneak peek at my little Malaysian kitchen with basic seasoning ingredients.

Basic Kitchen Seasoning :

Oyster Sauce ??                Light Soy Sauce ??            Dark Soy Sauce ??             Hoisin Sauce ???
Oyster Sauce ??Light Soy Sauce ?? Dark Soy Sauce ?? Hoisin Sauce ???

Tomato Ketchup ???        Sesame Oil ??                    Rice Vinegar ??               Spiced Vinegar ??
Tomato Ketchup ??? Sesame Oil ?? Rice Vinegar ??    Spiced Vinegar ??

Chinese Shrimp Paste ??     Beancurd Paste ??        Chicken Stock ????          Coconut Milk ??   
Chinese Shrimp Paste (Har Jiong) ?? Beancurd Paste ?? Concentrated Chicken Stock ????Coconut Milk ??

Preserved Beancurd ??   Salted Black Beans ???    Abalone Sauce ???        Plum Sauce ???
Preserved Beancurd ??Salted Black Beans ??? Abalone Sauce ???Plum Sauce ???

Salted Plum ???       Thai Tom Yam Paste ?????     Rose Wine ????     Chilli Sauce ?????
Salted Plum ???Thai Tom Yam Paste ?????Rose Wine ????Thai Chilli Sauce ?????

Shaoxing Wine ?????   Glutinous Rice Wine ????       Honey ??               
Fish Sauce ??
Shaoxing Wine ????? Glutinous Rice Wine ????Honey ??Fish Sauce ??

Shrimp Paste (Belachan or Belacan) ??? 
Shrimp Paste (Belachan or Belacan)???
Shrimp Paste (Belachan or Belacan)???

Herbs and Spices :

   Rosemary Herbs                   Oregano Herbs                       Thyme Herbs               White Pepper Powder  
Rosemary Herbs Oregano Herbs Thyme Herbs White Pepper Powder ???

Black Pepper ????           White Pepper???
Black Pepper ???? White Pepper ???

Fresh Ingredients :

  Bird's Eye Chillies ???                      Water Chestnuts ??
Bird's Eye Chillies ??? Water Chestnuts ??
          Calamansi lime                                  Ginger flower ??
calamansi lime Ginger flower (Phaeomaria) or bunga kantan ??
Daun kesum or daun laksa (Polygonum)
Daun kesum or daun laksa (Polygonum)

  Red Chilli Pepper               Fresh Lotus Seed
  (Cayenne Pepper)                    ???
Red Chilli Pepper (Cayenne Pepper) ??? Fresh Lotus Seed ???