Monday, May 31, 2010

Food that must Avoid When Dating time

Food that must Avoid When Dating timeFood that must Avoid When Dating time.
As a first date, would you want it all went perfect. You must have been preparing for appearances, ranging from clothes to accessories fitted. Besides looks, there are other things that you should also consider, namely food menu choices.
Should, avoid the following five foods to avoid things that are not desired.

1. Foods with a lot of garlic
Avoid ordering foods that contain a lot of onions. Surely you do not want the time of speaking, out of the stinging smell of onion from the mouth. Not only that, the flow of oil from the onions into the blood stream and create a bad smell.

2. Bean
Nuts are very good for health. However, the consumption of beans in a row to make the gas production increases. For that, two days before the date should avoid peanuts.

3. Potato
Potato processed foods, like mashed potato (mashed potatoes) are usually made with lots of cream and milk. This can trigger discomfort and bloating in the abdomen. You would not feel comfortable if the stomach ache when dating.

4. Pasta
Kinda hard to eat pasta with 'polite', especially if the sauce is very thick and spicy. Usually served with a big plate of pasta and make you eat a lot. This makes the belly can be problematic in a matter of minutes.

5. Cheese
Several types of cheese, has a very strong flavor, such as bleu or parmesan. The aroma will be left in the mouth and breathing to be less tasty.