Friday, March 12, 2010

Bananas, can Improve the child Concentration

Bananas, can Improve the child Concentration
Bananas, including nutrient dense fruit and energy. Soft texture makes banana fruit is often used for baby food choices. For children, bananas can also be a healthy lunch to school.
In many developed countries, bananas are often the food the children to school. They also put pieces of banana into the cereal and milk for breakfast. Bananas provide enough energy for the children to be ready to follow the lessons in school.
Dr Ir Sobir of Research Center of Tropical Fruits IPB explains, a study of the banana committed against students at 200 schools Twickehnham in Middlesex, England. They are given additional food in the form of bananas at breakfast, break, and lunch. Research conducted before the exam time.

The result, according to Dr. Sobir, the consumption of bananas is helping their learning process. Potassium is found in bananas is the concentration of which contribute to children's learning.
In addition, vitamin B on the banana is also high enough to maintain the nervous system work activities. This is what encourages students to concentrate longer.
In one banana is contained many nutrients. "Vitamins and minerals are superior compared to other fruits and vegetables, especially for vitamin B6 (piridoksin), C, potassium, fiber, and manganese," he said.
When compared with apples, bananas contain 4 times more protein, twice as many carbohydrates, three times more phosphorus, five times more vitamin A and iron, and twice as many vitamins and other minerals.
Many benefits can be obtained from a banana. In addition to very useful in preventing stress, bananas also improve the intellect, to treat digestive inflammation, and nourish the eyes.

Select rajabulu
Bananas are also known as a high fruit content of potassium (potassium) and magnesium. Content of the two minerals are very useful, especially for the cardiovascular system and muscle and nerve health.

Ingredients high piridoksin, flavonoids, and alkaloids found in bananas, especially bananas rajabulu, alleged to have antidiabetes activity. That is why, given rajabulu bananas to children who suffer from diabetes.

Research carried out PKBT-IPB in conjunction with Ministry of Health Nutrition Research shows that bananas have rajabulu glycemic index compared with 54 percent of standard sugar diabetes that can be consumed.
Bananas are also useful for those who experience stress and fatigue because it contains serotonin. According to Dr Sobir, levels of serotonin in bananas is high, namely about 31.4 ng / g. Similarly kaliumnya content. This stimulated the formation of serotonin by tryptophan that is the banana.
Serotonin is a compound that makes sense of relaxed, calm, adding mood or moods, and create happier feelings of stress or fatigue that can be expelled. That's why children are tired or stressed after studying at school can be given a banana.
Parents can cultivate bananas into banana milkshake or banana milk shakes, banana kebabs are easy to make and looks tempting children, or fried bananas penyet mesis sown.
Bananas can also be given if the child have trouble sleeping at night. Bananas provide the milk, which both contain tryptophan, will make the child more calm so they could get to sleep soundly.
Heal Gastric
For children who experience indigestion, banana can also be utilized. Several studies, as described Dr Sobir, found that the banana can heal the digestive system.
Research on the effects in animal models antipektin treated Palo varieties of banana extract and Horn, able to heal the wounds of 70 and 88 per cent compared with no treatment.
Bananas also recommended for children who consumed problems with the digestive system because of the texture of the flesh is smooth and soft. "Bananas can be eaten without adding to the digestive system works. Latek found in bananas may also prevent irritation by coating the stomach wall and intestines, "said Dr Sobir.
For children who are anemic, bananas are good food. This is because bananas are rich in iron that can stimulate the formation of red blood cells. Plus, by eating bananas, children will not be constipated, as happened when given iron supplements.
Well, try to enrich the bananas in the daily diet of children. In addition to easy to obtain, bananas are also relatively cheap, but not cheap.