Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Domaine du Fontsainte: Demoiselle
Appellation Corbi�res

Carignan (70%) Grenache (20%) Syrah (10%)

This smooth red wine is full of rich berry fruits, yet it has a dry peppery back note from the carignan grape. Hand picked from old vines, it comes from the rocky slopes of the Corbi�res, which are covered with wild herbs. Although it has a strong velvet feel it is versatile enough to be matched with lighter flavours like chicken, veal & goats cheese.

Demoiselle retails at �6.45

Chateau Hauterive: Appellation Corbi�res
Grenache blanc (60%) Maccabou (20%) Marsanne (20%)

This cool and subtle white is refined with a gentle dryness and no heavy sweet tones as in a New World chardonney. Chilled, it is delicious just by itself or a perfect match to delicate fish or poultry.

Hauterive blanc retails at �6.75

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Domaine du Fontsainte: Demoiselle Chateau Hauterive